is managed by Engineering Express®, who will sell your sealed engineering plan upon approval of a submitted application.



  • Engineering Express (EX) will, upon approval of the plan, sell original signed and sealed plans created by the plan owner/engineer of record and serve as a broker of providing those plans to the end user via our online store portal.
  • The plan owner will send images and a product description to place the product for sale in the online store.  Optionally, product variations, linked products for up-sells and cross-sells, and discounts/coupons will be accepted as well. The price of sealed plans are determined by the plan owner.
  • EX assumes no liability, design review, or assistance of any kind with the content of the sealed plans as EX serves solely as the fulfillment center for the plans.  The plan owner will sign an agreement that they own the rights to sell the plan and there is no liability whatsoever on the part of EX.
  • EX will inventory plans on a commission basis an agreed quantity of plans to voluntarily be refilled at a certain low volume count.
  • EX will optionally pay for the initial shipping costs to receive the inventory, which will be deducted from the first payment of sold plans to the plan designer if requested.
  • Within (5) business days of the end of each month, EX will pay the plan owner for all copies sold less the agreed administrative/broker fee, less any shipping costs incurred via check or PayPal transfer.
  • From time to time, EX offers discounts, promotions, and reward points to store customers.  Unless the discount for the plan owner’s plans is requested and/or authorized by the plan owner, EX will pay the plan owner the full amount of the agreed plan price.  The discount will be taken from the EX broker fee.
  • Unused plans can be returned at the plan owner’s expense or destroyed by EX with video proof of destruction to the plan owner.
  • The plan owner will receive an email for each plan sold at the time of purchase for their records.



  • The current base administrative/broker fee is 30% of the plan fee not including shipping costs.  For example, if plans owned by the plan owner is sold by EX for $100 + $10 shipping, the plan owner would receive $70 less any other agreed fees incurred to receive the plans to inventory.  For large volume plan owners, we will negotiate a tiered compensation plan for you. Contact Us to discuss.
  • All marketing, pay-per-click, reward points, coupons, and discounts will be the responsibility of EX unless otherwise agreed.



  • We also have a unique solution to digitally sealed plans on a non-master and non-site specific basis.
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  • Do you have unsealed plans you want us to sell? Contact Us to discuss distribution methods & compensation.