Engineering Express® automates sale of commonly needed engineering plans

Engineering Express®, pioneers in utilizing technology to improve the consulting engineering experience, have developed over 100 pre-engineered plans over the years and use innovative methods for their distribution.   Their latest achievement boasts selling these plans on, the world’s largest Internet-based reseller.

Based in Florida and providing structural engineering services to nearly half of the states in the U.S., amazon-engineering-express-plan-graphicEngineering Express® focuses on smaller structural engineering needs such as designs for windows, doors, signs, canopies, fences, and railings
that can be distilled to repeatable questions where  computers can take over and complete the engineering design or recommend a pre-packaged set of plans.  The firm is also innovating remote kiosks at busy order locations to keep up with the increasing demands of the construction industry.  They’ll soon be and adding mechanical and electrical engineering ‘express’ services to their arsenal as well.  Engineering Express’s primary clients are contractors and manufacturers that need engineering deliverables quickly to maintain their service lines.

Engineering Express® has pioneered numerous technologies to increase the firm’s throughput such as using highly customized SalesForce/FinancialForce for unparalleled back-end efficiency.  The firm was featured by FinancialForce in a recent national campaign (click here to watch on YouTube).  You can browse their growing list of pre-engineered plans at and use their online tools for free at  See their first Amazon product by clicking here.

Visit for more about the firm and the services they provide or to request information about building custom end-to-end solutions for your company’s engineering needs or helping you with an ‘express’ engineering project.