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Welcome to the NEW & IMPROVED ASCE-7-10 & 7-16
Components & Cladding Wall Pressure Calculator




  1. This calculator is for estimating purposes only and NOT for permit use. Results are only valid when reviewed, signed & sealed from a professional engineer from Engineering Express.  Press ‘Order Certified Copes For Permit’ to order a review and certification delivered to you for permit.
  2. For permits after January 1, 2021, use the ‘ASCE 7-16 – 7th Edition Florida Building Code (2020) option.  Until then leave as the default ASCE 7-10 method.
  3. Pressure results are Allowable Stress Design (ASD) method.
  4. Visit to learn more about the terms & parameters of this tool & HOVER over / press for mobile on input labels to reveal more information about that item.
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