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ASCE 7 Wind Pressure Calculator

ASCE 7-10 & 7-16 Components & Cladding Wall Pressure Calculator

Welcome to the NEW & IMPROVED ASCE-7-10 & 7-16 Components & Cladding Wall Pressure Calculator

$80 To Certify For Permit

ASCE-7 Wind Zone 4-5 Interpolation Calculator

This tool assists in interpolating between the corner and interior wall wind zones 4 and 5 using ASCE 7-10 or ASCE 7-16.

$0 for draft
$80 sealed

Steel & Aluminum Mullion Database Capacity Calculator

Find the capacity, deflection, & reactions of a growing variety of mullions from manufacturer’s systems & standard steel & aluminum shapes.


Storefront Flood & Wind Calculator

Use this calculator to design your glazing-storefront mullions for resistance against flood and wind.


End Retention Column Loading Calculator

Use this design aid to help determine the capacity of host structure columns and walls to withstand a variety of reactions from various end retention systems.


Find The Weight of Glass, Metals, Wood

This tool calculates the weight of a material for a given length & width


Thermal Deformation Calculator

Use this tool to calculate the expansion or contraction of material lengths based on differential temperatures.


Section Property Calculator

Use this tool to calculate the section properties for a box beam, pipe, c-channel, and plate.