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ASCE 7-10 Components & Cladding Wind Pressure Calculator

NOTE: Only use calculator via GOOGLE CHROME or FIREFOX

$0 for draft
$80 Sealed

Norbord© Wall Sheathing Calculator

Use this calculator to determine the required nail spacing for Wall Sheathing and Shear Walls.


Steel & Aluminum Mullion Database Capacity Calculator

Find the capacity, deflection, & reactions of a growing variety of mullions from manufacturer’s systems & standard steel & aluminum shapes.


Eastern Metal Supply© Self Mating & Cap and Pan Decking Calculator

This calculator allows you to determine the maximum span of various EMS self mating & cap and pan decking profiles after entering the appropriate design criteria.


Eastern 2″ Bertha Clear Panel Product Approval FL28390 Design Aid

2” BERTHA™ Polycarbonate Clear Panel Support Page This design aid is the digital counterpart for the Statewide Product Approval FL28390


Engineering Express Miami Tech AST Stand

Miami Tech AST Standard Duty Design Tool

This tool determines the capacity of Miami Tech’s AST Aluminum Stand.


Engineering Express Miami tech stand

Miami Tech AS14 Heavy Duty Stand Design Tool

This tool determines the capacity of Miami Tech’s AS14 Aluminum Stand.


End Retention Column Loading Calculator

Use this design aid to help determine the capacity of host structure columns and walls to withstand a variety of reactions from various end retention systems.


Find The Weight of Glass, Metals, Wood

This tool calculates the weight of a material for a given length & width


Thermal Deformation Calculator

Use this tool to calculate the expansion or contraction of material lengths based on differential temperatures.


Section Property Calculator

Use this tool to calculate the section properties for a box beam, pipe, c-channel, and plate.


DeWalt© Resin Anchor Estimator

This tool calculates the amount of resin to purchase for a given installation of anchors.


Powers©/Stanley© Anchor Calculator

This legacy calculator (circa 2008) (in FLASH, won’t work on phones/tablets and some browsers) follows the Powers anchoring system 5th edition manual for determining the capacity of anchors in a variety of concrete types and installation conditions.