This tool checks the stress, deflection, and reactions of various common mullion shapes for A36 steel and numerous aluminum alloys.
Find the proper size & weight of a mechanical equipment pad for wind resistance
  This calculator determines the footing and post size for a variety of sign, soil, and wind configurations.
This tool calculates the weight of glass for a given length, width, glass thickness, and laminated layers.
Use this tool to calculate the expansion or contraction of material lengths based on differential temperatures.
Use this tool to calculate the section properties for a box beam, pipe, c-channel, and plate.
This design aid helps determine the capacity of the specified Miami Tech HEAVY DUTY Stand for the inputted stand & A/C dimensions.
This legacy calculator (circa 2008) (in FLASH, won’t work on phones/tablets and some browsers) follows the Powers anchoring system 5th edition manual for determining the capacity of anchors in a variety of concrete types and installation conditions.