August, 2019


Engineering Express® is an innovative engineering firm that uses technology to disrupt the traditional engineering consulting model.   If you thrive in an environment that is active and innovative in developing IT solutions, we want to hear from you!

The technology we use to pioneer next-generation solutions is growing and so is the in-house department developing it.  We are looking for that special team member to assist in the programming of our systems as they are developed.


About The Position:

You will be working in our digital solutions department assisting in the production of our online and in-house digital tools.


Snapshot of key duties:

  • Assist the digital solutions manager in the coding and implementation of digital projects as they arise.
  • Work can include any combination of HTML coding, PHP programming assistance, Javascript, AutoHothey, and other similar scripts as they are implemented
  • Learn advancing coding skills as you assist in greater capacities in the design chain.

Measures of your success will be your ability to increase the company’s output of needed digital solutions while helping guarantee 100% customer satisfaction, develop more efficient designs, and continuously refine production, management, and quality control systems within your team.


Skills/Experience/Knowledge Required:

  • Basic knowledge of HTML, PHP, and Javascript programming language (advanced knowledge a plus).
  • Basic knowledge of what WordPress is and how it works (advanced knowledge a plus).
  • Ability to quickly understand coding assignments and replicate and eventually build applications.
  • Ability to learn and code with custom applications such as AutoHotkey, Excel Macros, LISP,
    and similar scripts
  • Ability to work with others and communicate effectively.


About The Company:

Engineering Express® focuses on using cutting edge technology to disrupt the traditional consulting model at the smaller project level.  Specializing in structural building component engineering solutions, these small building component designs have the ability of being nearly fully automated and massively scaled for national use using the resources becoming available only today.

  • Salary range varies based on experience ($12 and up).  The position qualifies for overtime, and great health and retirement benefits for full time employees.
  • Part time (25 hours minimum) possible, full time preferred. Flexible hours to be negotiated.
  • Apply by using our online job submittal questionnaire:


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