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Richard Neet, P.E. sketches out another company innovation in the design center

Introducing the Engineering Express® Division Owner Program
where you control your destiny and define your engineering future.
It’s the franchise-style model for building component engineering
brought to you exclusively by Engineering Express®

Division Owner Explained

The business is all here for you, from marketing and quoting to production and final processing.  


Whether you’re a graduate engineer, E.I., P.E., or skilled design technician, you’ll come aboard
and help current division owners as you advance to own your division.

As Division Owner, you elect to own & control a physical or virtual geographic location, specialty department,
or internal division of the firm while Corporate Headquarters supports your every move.

With nationally acclaimed, state of the art proprietary production & project management systems, you will be equipped to work anytime, from anywhere, with efficiency like no other firm can deliver.

We take the hassle out of administration, insurances, hardware, IT contracts, codes & standards updates, project templates, billing, receivables, payables and everything in between, and keep you productive earning the income you deserve.

Because of our unique model, you will be trained in more engineering skills on more project types  than any other firm can offer such as:

  • Concrete

  • Steel

  • Wood

  • Aluminum

  • Plastics

  • Fabrics

  • Glass

  • Forensic Engineering

  • Product Evaluations

  • Field Inspections

  • Project Management & Administration

  • Computer Programming & Innovations

  • Team Leadership

  • Client Interaction

Troy Bishop in field - Engineering ExpressTestimonial

“I’m a proud graduate & owner of an Engineering Express Division. I set my own hours, earn the income I want, and have a team backing me so I can be productive while I make a difference in the engineering & construction community”. I couldn’t imagine working for the traditional firm types, this is the future!

-Troy Bishop, P.E.

Earn While You Learn

Become a part of the most forward-thinking production, management, & incentive system ever developed for our industry.  We’ve custom coded every detail and branded our system as TaskCloud exclusive to Division Owners to deliver staff, management, client ordering, invoicing, and tracking tools to you and your team.


The team whiteboards another innovation

The Details

  1. Candidates accepted to the program come aboard with a competitive industry salary, top of the line health insurance benefits, a generous retirement plan, and quickly advance to earn extra income directly from the work the produce.
  2. Once they are licensed professionals or capable leaders of a breakout team, they then have the opportunity to select to take ownership of either a division of the main office, or manage a real, virtual, or mobile  office.
  3. Always tethered to corporate headquarters, the breakout team utilizes the systems they’ve mastered to earn a direct percentage from the work they perform.
  4. You’ll be a full time employee from the start, just like a traditional engineering firm, only better.  You’ll be a part of the adaption team to take our virtualization tools in a satellite location or on the road and continue to improve our baseline systems for the current graduates to use.  Once you then graduate, you can stay aboard headquarters or venture out at your will while the next generation of division owners help you achieve your goals.  

It’s an evolutionary, forward thinking concept in line with how consulting firms should operate in today’s fast paced, technical world.

You benefit by the massive contracts Engineering Express has for marketing, insurances, printing, software, administration, project management, design tools, inspection procedures, forms, operation systems, and formulas to put it all together. It would take you a career to learn what you are going to experience here in just a couple of short years.  Then you benefit from this incredible experience for as long as you want, whenever you want.

Contact Engineering Express to learn more about this true innovation in engineering consulting or CLICK HERE TO APPLY.  


We will gladly give you a tour of corporate headquarters and share with you all the details of this plan.

It’s a transparent, self-sustaining ecosystem with an incredible culture and super leaders.

A Peek Inside

You are invited to visit us to see our Google-like facility in person. Just fill out a questionnaire and we’ll schedule a visit if applicable.