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ASCE-7 Wind Zone 4-5 Interpolation Calculator

This tool assists in interpolating between the corner and interior wall wind zones 4 and 5 using ASCE 7-10. Typically zone 5 corner negative (suction) pressures are lower than their neighboring zone 4 pressures prohibiting glazing rated to limiting pressures from being installed. Using this tool, interpolated pressures can be determined that may permit a…


Sign Post & Footing Calculator

  This calculator determines the footing and post size for a variety of sign, soil, and wind configurations. It’s free to use for estimating purposes. Signed and sealed engineering printouts are available for permit by selecting ‘Purchase Certified Copies’ below after all fields are filled out. Results are not to be used without the written certification…


Thermal Deformation Calculator

Use this tool to calculate the expansion or contraction of material lengths based on differential temperatures. For a single temperature and length, view how (7) materials will change in length all at the same time. This is useful for understanding how two materials behave differently with varying temperatures.


DeWalt Resin Anchor Estimator

This tool calculates the amount of resin to purchase for a given installation of anchors. It was developed for Stanley Dewalt and English and translated versions are currently in use on their international websites across the globe. It is replicated here by permission through our development contract with them.  


Powers/Stanley Anchor Calculator

This legacy calculator (circa 2008) (in FLASH, won’t work on phones/tablets and some browsers) follows the Powers anchoring system 5th edition manual for determining the capacity of anchors in a variety of concrete types and installation conditions. The results are no longer considered certifiable but provides a starting point for design and showcases the history…


ASCE 7-05 Wind Pressure Calculator (USES FLASH)

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