Industry Insights

Engineering Express® again grows their pre-engineered master plan service by adding (8) commonly requested plans to Amazon Prime®.  The products will sell for the same price as they do in the Engineering Express Online Plan Store and includes free 2 day shipping for Amazon Prime® members. Find them all by clicking here.

The firm has developed over 100 pre-engineered Florida master plans spanning numerous industries with more scheduled for 2017.  You can browse the growing list at or request one for your state or specific need.  You can also use their acclaimed interactive calculators while you’re there to help with your next project.

Based in Florida and providing structural engineering services to nearly half of the states in the U.S., Engineering Express® focuses on the smaller component engineering needs that can be optimized using the latest technologies like incorporating Amazon Prime® to help make the design and delivery process much more efficient for the client and produce a superior design.

Visit for more about the firm and its solutions or to request information or quote for an ‘express’ need or for building custom end-to-end component design systems for your company.