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Engineering Express has designed and approved both freestanding and host-attached pergola mechanical louvered awnings for Mitjavila’s Horizon series. Code compliant in most of the US including Florida, these certified master plans allow the permitting and construction of awnings using engineered design tables to select loading and spans for your design condition.

Approved for installation without a ‘product approval’, these plan sheets comply with Florida and other state codes as being exempt from requiring any type of state product approval.  Comprised to protect the primary building envelope, these pergolas fall outside the requirements of the Florida state and Miami Dade systems.  The statewide product approval system only requires a few product types that require this type of approval per the Florida website (The state originally explained it in this presentation):


> Panel Walls

> Exterior Doors

> Roofing Products

> Skylights

> Windows

> Shutters

> Structural components

Outside of those products, a Statewide Florida Product Approval is optional and in many cases, isn’t even applicable for approval at the state level.

Miami Dade NOA’s (meaning Notices Of Acceptance), contrary to popular understanding, are in themselves NOT approved as a statewide product approval.  NOA’s also permit more evaluation categories than Florida’s system, but still don’t encompass every product type.  NOA’s are adopted either by registering them with the state system (if they even apply) or by the Local Product Approval process (see FS 553.8425).  Other evaluations (such as engineer Technical Evaluation Reports or TER’s) are permitted by code (see FBC 1604.4) through the authority provided to a registered professional engineer or architect by a ‘rational analysis’ or through the local approval process.  Engineering Express uses these code compliant methods to approve Mitjavila plans by using engineered master plan sheets and site specific engineering when required.

Contact Engineering Express or Mitjavila for more information or for a quote for engineering or your own Horizon series louvered roof system.