Evaluating products to ensure they perform the way you designed them.

Whether it is regulatory and code compliance or optimal functionality and performance, product evaluations are extremely beneficial. There are a variety of factors that help determine whether your product will be structurally adequate for installation; product construction, site conditions, type of evaluation, and more.

Though there are similarities from one evaluation to another, the expertise of the evaluator and evaluating organization can significantly impact the precision and accuracy of the evaluation process.

Our talented team of product evaluation design experts can assist you with design & certification of your manufactured systems to achieve certifications from multiple approval entities. Our experts & designers are un-matched in this field & have been hand selected among the top talent in the US. We offer a full suite of product evaluation design services.

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We specialize in the creation, optimization, and technical & administrative support of product evaluation testing protocols, design, & certifications for:

*Technical Evaluation Reports are used for evaluating products across the US or in Florida for products outside the Florida rule.Click Here for more information. Our evaluation methods fully comply with all current IBC & Florida Codes & are used for permits across the US.

Engineering Express has performed over 1,000 Miami NOA, Florida, and TDI product evaluations spanning 20+ years.

Contact us to discuss your needs and to learn how we can provide you code-compliant designs, and expert services for your product evaluations.