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Our hearts go out to those affected by the storms of 2017 (including some of our employees).  We are dedicated and on a mission to help rebuild what was damaged by Hurricanes Irma and Harvey.

Engineering Express® is here to help with rapid engineering designs for a variety of fences, gates, access control arms, and all sorts of similar products and building components that may have been damaged during the storms.  Plans can be used for quoting, permitting, design, or inspection.

In response to requests we are receiving, we’ve assembled a flipbook to help contractors look for design starting points for variations of swinging and overhanging gates damaged during Irma or Harvey.  You can use these pages as starting points to request repair work using our smart online quoting system at  Designs can be engineered in Florida, Texas, Georgia, or any of 25 states we are licensed in (click here for a list of states).

You can also browse hundreds of pre-engineered plan sheets for instant use in permitting and design by visiting our online plan store at

Click To Open Our Overhead, Swing, and Access Control Gates Design Flipbook: