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The team here at Engineering Express work day (and night!) to make sure our engineering design data is always at the highest standards for our clients and manufacturers. We spend countless hours reviewing our calculations, creating spreadsheets, attending seminars, and consulting with code officials in the pursuit of excellence in engineering. We are passionate about our efforts not only because we’ve taken a moral and ethical oath to protect the life and safety of the public, but because our clients deserve nothing but the best.

A Miami-Dade NOA (Notice of Acceptance) is a document whereby a manufacturer can have their product approved for the required standards of the Florida Building Code, with no additional engineering required. We sometimes hear that other engineers in the industry provide these Miami-Dade NOA (Notice of Acceptance) submittals at a cheaper rate than ours. That is certainly understandable, as different engineers will charge different prices. However, the old adage “you get what you pay for” truly applies when selecting an engineer for your product evaluation. We have had clients come to us after waiting over a year for their Miami-Dade NOA to be completed, and once we took over, the submittal was finished expeditiously and to Miami-Dade’s NOA standards. Often times we also discovered that the engineer charging a lower rate than ours was to blame for the delays due to inaccurate or incomplete correlation of tests, calculations and drawings.

It comes as no surprise, then, that the Miami-Dade County Department of Regulatory and Economic Resources issued a public statement today, notifying engineers of their professional responsibility to provide accurate and timely designs for product evaluations. We’ve listed the brief in part below:


October 25, 2013

Product Control Advisory

Quality of Drawings and Calculations

In an effort to continue streamlining Miami­-Dade County’s product approval process, the engineering consultants are being informed of a crucial contributing factor affecting a product’s overall approval timeframe.

On average, submittals for product approvals filed with our office experience 1.5 requests for additional information, and spend 50% of the time in idle status waiting for the additional information requested to be received.

In order to reach approval status sooner and to decrease the request for information rate on submittals, the quality and accuracy of the drawings and calculations submitted needs to improve. Much too often our staff has to spend time correcting the inaccurate or incomplete correlation of tests, calculations and drawings, which is a task the engineers are required to do before signing and sealing the drawings, calculations and/or code compliance statements.

The issuance of detailed request for additional information letters make up a large portion of the review time, and the added cost for this time is often absorbed by this office. In the case of expedited files the added costs are passed on to the applicant/manufacturer since these reviews are charged on a per hour rate in addition to the standard application fee.

Under extreme cases, there will be no alternative but to refer engineers submitting deficient drawings or calculations to the Department of Business and Professional Regulation for their review and action.

Everyone is under pressure to complete their part of the process as quickly as possible, but everyone’s help is needed in providing quality, compliant and correct documents for us to efficiently approve.


In light of the above, Engineering Express stands ready for all manufacturers in the nation at a moment’s notice. You can rest assured we will apply our best and brightest at all times for your project, with no expense spared to ensure an accurate design and complete Miami-Dade NOA submittal on the first round. Click here to fill out a support request and get started today!