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As I sit here after today’s inspections, I am speechless. My inspection partner and I really haven’t said much since we left Mantoloking, NJ. It was a disaster zone. I was overwhelmed by what Hurricane Sandy did to this unfortunate neighborhood in New Jersey.

What’s most important to note, before I post these pictures, is the fact that Engineering Express is a Florida-trained but Nationally-licensed structural assessment firm. We’ve been licensed in New York and New Jersey for over 10 years. We’re trained in damage like this. We’re here to help. We’re here to make sure that our rapid-deployment systems get boots on the ground in record time, using technology to help us automate the first draft of reports coming out of our office to help Hurricane Sandy victims get help for the damage quickly and accurately. We ONLY report what we see – we do not bias towards a certain kind of damage or a certain kind of cause. We’re structural engineers; we let the structure do the talking and we simply take pictures and analyze damage.

New Jersey is in desperate need of more qualified engineers. They NEED professionals who have seen this kind of damage before, who have lived through it all their lives, and who have already protected their own home and been through this experience. That’s why we’re here. Ultimately it’s about people. As engineers, we are morally and ethically bound by a code to “protect life and property”. We’re here to ensure that the mother with three kids can come home to a safe structure after school, that a Dad can safely replace his wind-damaged windows and doors knowing his family will be protected from a future storm.

Since I take the responsibility to protect life and property quite seriously, you can understand the overwhelming emotions I felt when I took these pictures. I’m once again reminded of the devastating sadness I felt as a young 10-year-old boy during my own experience with hurricane destruction. I have so much empathy in my heart for these people and what they lost. Please take your time to review the images below, but remember that these structures used to house years and years of family memories and experiences. Remember that this also could have been avoided by proper engineering and Codes. And finally, don’t this get you down. We’ll fix this, we’ll find the solution, and the New Jersey shoreline will soon be whole again. So long as Engineering Express has any say, we’re here to help and here to stay.

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