Product Evaluation Services

Engineering Express® is the leader in Product Evaluation Submittals.

We provide full service analysis & certifications for your building product needs

Areas of Expertise:

  • Establish a cost effective product test protocol

  • Product Evaluation, Detailing, Rational Analysis,Validation,
    & Certification For Submission to Accredited Agencies

  • Site Specific Custom Applications

  • Experienced Consultation to optimize your product design

  • Expert Product Evaluation Reports

Curtainwall Test (5)

Andrew Piedra inspects large missile curtainwall systems during testing

Providing Product Evaluations For Submittal
To Accredited Agencies Such As

Miami Dade NOA
Florida product Approval
ICC ES Evaluation

We specify test protocols and evaluate product testing performed by accredited test laboratories.

Here are some video examples of tests we’ve supervised:

Curtainwall Test (2)

Engineering Express witnesses a test of a full scale
curtainwall application for high wind and impact

Curtainwall Test (7)

Testing machinery is inspected in preparation for
impact and cyclical loading testing on glazed openings

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