42 x 84 x 8 Foam Core Double Pad (MPS 21-40672)

42 x 84 x 8 Foam Core Double Pad (MPS 21-40672)

$30.00$40.00 or ( 3 Tokens - 4 Tokens )

This certification is applicable to AMERICAST 42 x 84 x 8 Foam Core Double Pad and is available as a sealed drawing. The certification is sold as an engineered sealed document and meets the requirements of the selected building code above using ASCE 7 for the approval of structural adequacy only, based on the limitations stated, and upon ordering will be signed and sealed by a Professional Engineer of the firm. Use this plan in conjunction with your other approved documents to obtain a permit from the Building Department. 


GENERAC22 KWQT02224ANAX29.0 in62.2 in33.5 in843 lb
GENERAC22 KWRG022 / RG02224ANAX30.6 in62.2 in38.6 in905 lb
GENERAC25 KWRG025 / RG02515A ALUM30.6 in62.2 in38.6 in777 lb
GENERAC25 KWQT02516ANSX29.0 in62.2 in33.5 in875 lb
GENERAC27 KWQT02724ANAX29.0 in62.2 in33.5 in891 lb
GENERAC27 KWRG027 / RG02724ANAX30.6 in62.2 in38.6 in940 lb
GENERAC30 KWRG030 / RG03015ANAX ALUM30.6 in62.2 in38.6 in807 lb
GENERAC30 KWRG3824ANAX35.0 in77.0 in46.1 in1235 lb
GENERAC32 KWRG032 / RG3224ANAX35.0 in76.8 in46.1 in1225 lb
GENERAC36 KWRG036 / RG03624ANAX ALUM35.0 in76.8 in46.1 in1202 lb
GENERAC36 KWQT03624ANAX33.5 in77.0 in45.0 in1271 lb
GENERAC38 KWRG038 / RG3824ANAX35.0 in76.8 in46.1 in1235 lb
GENERAC39 KWQT03016ANSX29.0 in62.2 in33.5 in935 lb
GENERAC45 KWRG045 / RG452ANA(C)(X) ALUM35.0 in76.8 in46.1 in1260 lb
GENERAC45 KWQT04524ANS(X)(C)33.5 in77.0 in45.0 in1414 lb
GENERAC48 KWQT04854ANA(X)(C)33.5 in77.0 in45.0 in1516 lb
GENERAC48 KWRG048/ QTO48 / RG4854ANA(C)(X)35.0 in76.8 in46.1 in1555 lb
GENERAC60 KWQT0602433.5 in77.0 in45.0 in1324 lb
GENERAC60 KWRG060 / ALUM35.0 in76.8 in46.1 in1422 lb
KOHLER24 KW24RCL / 30RCL33.0 in74.0 in46.0 in1260 lb
KOHLER30 KW30RES34.0 in72.8 in36.8 in1046 lb
KOHLER30 KW30RCL32.9 in72.0 in46.0 in1320 lb
KOHLER30 KW30REOZJB34.0 in78.7 in50.2 in1560 lb
KOHLER30 KW30REOZJT33.5 in77.0 in45.0 in2200 lb
CUMMINS22 KWRS22 / C22 N634.0 in72.0 in45.5 in1109 lb

Installation variations and site specific drawings outside the scope of this plan can be quoted using our online smart request form by clicking here.


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Weight.48 lbs
Dimensions0.01 × 17 × 11 in
Plan Type

Master Plan Sheet – MPS, Manufacturer Plans





Plan Format

Digitally Sealed File, Sealed Hardcopy


Americast, Engineering Express

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