DAIKIN: Commercial Package Unit (TER 20-28418)

DAIKIN: Commercial Package Unit (TER 20-28418)

$40.00$80.00 or ( 4 Tokens - 8 Tokens )

This certification is applicable to the DAIKIN commercial Package units. The certification is sold as an engineered sealed Evaluation Report and meets the requirements of the structural wind integrity per the selected building code above for the approval of unit housing and tie-down clip capacities, and upon ordering will be signed and sealed by a Professional Engineer of the firm. Use it in conjunction with your other approved documents to obtain a building permit.

Daikin Model No. Cab. Daikin Model No. Cab. Daikin Model No. Cab.
DBC0363********A* S2 DCC036***1****A* S2* DCH048***3****A* S2*
DBC0364********A* S2 DCC036***3****A* S2* DCH048***4****A* S2*
DBC0367********A* S2 DCC036***4****A* S2* DCH048***7****A* S2*
DBC0361D*******A* S2 DCC036***7****A* S2* DCH060***1****A* S1*
DBC0363D*******A* S2 DCC048***1****A* S2* DCH060***3****A* S1*
DBC0483********A* S2 DCC048***3****A* S2* DCH060***4****A* S1*
DBC0484********A* S2 DCC048***4****A* S2* DCH060***7****A* S1*
DBC0487********A* S2 DCC048***7****A* S2* DCH072***B***A* S1*
DBC0481D*******A* S2 DCC060***1****A* S2* DCH072***V***A* S1*
DBC0483D*******A* S2 DCC060***3****A* S2* DCH090****B***A* M1*
DBC0603********A* S2 DCC060***4****A* S2* DCH090****V***A* M1*
DBC0604********A* S2 DCC060***7****A* S2* DCH102****B***A* M1*
DBC0607********A* S2 DCC072****B***A* S1* DCH102****V***A* M1*
DBC0601D*******A* S2 DCC072****V***A* S1* DCH120****B***A* M1*
DBC0603D*******A* S2 DCC090****B***A* M1* DCH120****V***A* M1*
DBC072*********A* S1 DCC090****V***A* M1* DCH150****B***A* M2*
DBC090*********A* M1 DCC102****B***A* M1* DCH150****V***A* M2*
DBC102*********A* M1 DCC102****V***A* M1* —————————– ————
DBC120*********A* M1 DCC120****B***A* M1* DFC0361********A* S2
DBC150*********A* M1 DCC120****V***A* M1* DFC0363********A* S2
DBC180*V*******A* L1 DCC150****B***A* M2* DFC0364********A* S2
DBC240*V*******A* L1 DCC150****V***A* M2* DFC0367********A* S2
DBC300*V*******A* L1 DCC150****V***B* M2* DFC0481********A* S2
—————————– ———– DCC180****V***A* L1 DFC0483********A* S2
DBG0361D*******A* S2 DCC180****B***A* L1 DFC0484********A* S2
DBG0363D*******A* S2 DCC240****V***A* L1 DFC0487********A* S2
DBG0363********A* S2 DCC240****B***A* L1 DFC0601********A* S2
DBG0364********A* S2 DCC240****V***B* L1 DFC0603********A* S2
DBG0367********A* S2 DCC300****B***A* L1 DFC0604********A* S2
DBG0481D*******A* S2 DCC300****V***A* L1 DFC0607********A* S2
DBG0483D*******A* S2 —————————– ———— DFC0723********A* S1
DBG0483********A* S2 DCG036***1****A* S2* DFC0724********A* S1
DBG0484********A* S2 DCG036***3****A* S2* DFC0727********A* S1
DBG0487********A* S2 DCG036***4****A* S2* DFC090*********A* M1
DBG0601D*******A* S2 DCG036***7****A* S2* DFC102*********A* M1
DBG0603D*******A* S2 DCG048***1****A* S2* DFC120*********A* M1
DBG0603********A* S2 DCG048***3****A* S2* DFC150*********A* M1
DBG0604********A* S2 DCG048***4****A* S2* DFC180*********A* L1
DBG0607********A* S2 DCG048***7****A* S2* DFC240*********A* L1
DBG072*********A* S1 DCG060***1****A* S2* DFC300*********A* L1
DBG090*********A* M1 DCG060***3****A* S2* —————————– ————
DBG102*********A* M1 DCG060***4****A* S2* DFG0361********A* S2
DBG120*********A* M1 DCG060***7****A* S2* DFG0363********A* S2
DBG150*********A* M1 DCG072****B***A* S1* DFG0364********A* S2
DBG180*V*******A* L1 DCG072****V***A* S1* DFG0367********A* S2
DBG240*V*******A* L1 DCG090****B***A* M1* DFG0481********A* S2
DBG300*V*******A* L1 DCG090****V***A* M1* DFG0483********A* S2
—————————– ———– DCG102****B***A* M1* DFG0484********A* S2
DBH0361D*******A* S2 DCG102****V***A* M1* DFG0487********A* S2
DBH0363D*******A* S2 DCG120****B***A* M1* DFG0601********A* S2
DBH0363********A* S2 DCG120****V***A* M1* DFG0603********A* S2
DBH0364********A* S2 DCG150****B***A* M2* DFG0604********A* S2
DBH0367********A* S2 DCG150****V***A* M2* DFG0607********A* S2
DBH0481D*******A* S2 DCG150****V***B* M2* DFG0723********A* S1
DBH0483D*******A* S2 DCG180****B***A* L1 DFG0724********A* S1
DBH0483********A* S2 DCG180****V***A* L1 DFG0727********A* S1
DBH0484********A* S2 DCG240****V***A* L1 DFG090*********A* M1
DBH0487********A* S2 DCG240****B***A* L1 DFG102*********A* M1
DBH0601D*******A* S1 DCG240****V***B* L1 DFG120*********A* M1
DBH0603D*******A* S1 DCG300****B***A* L1 DFG150*********A* M1
DBH0603********A* S1 DCG300****V***A* L1 DFG180*********A* L1
DBH0604********A* S1 —————————– ———— DFG240*********A* L1
DBH0607********A* S1 DCH036***1****A* S2* DFG300*********A* L1
DBH090*********A* M1 DCH036***3****A* S2* —————————– ————
DBH102*********A* M1 DCH036***4****A* S2* DFH090*********A* M1
DBH120*********A* M1 DCH036***7****A* S2* DFH102*********A* M1
DBH150*********A* M2 DCH048***1****A* S2* DFH120*********A* M1
Daikin Model No. Cab. Daikin Model No. Cab. Daikin Model No. Cab.
DP14*M3643** M3 DRH0361D*******A* S1 DSH036***3B***A* S2*
DP14*M4843** M4 DRH0363D*******A* S1 DSH036***4B***A* S2*
DP14*M6043** M4 DRH0364D*******A* S1 DSH036***7B***A* S2*
DP14GM36***43A* M3 DRH0367D*******A* S1 DSH036***1D***A* S2*
DP14GM48***43A* M4 DRH0481D*******A* S1 DSH036***3D***A* S2*
DP14GM60***43A* M4 DRH0483D*******A* S1 DSH048***3B***A* S2*
—————————– ———– DRH0484D*******A* S1 DSH048***4B***A* S2*
DRC0361D*******A* S2 DRH0487D*******A* S1 DSH048***7B***A* S2*
DRC0363D*******A* S2 DRH0601D*******A* S1 DSH048***1D***A* S2*
DRC0364D*******A* S2 DRH0603D*******A* S1 DSH048***3D***A* S2*
DRC0367D*******A* S2 DRH0604D*******A* S1 DSH060***3B***A* S1*
DRC0481D*******A* S1 DRH0607D*******A* S1 DSH060***4B***A* S1*
DRC0483D*******A* S1 DRH0723D*******A* S3 DSH060***7B***A* S1*
DRC0484D*******A* S1 DRH0724D*******A* S3 DSH060***1D***A* S1*
DRC0487D*******A* S1 DRH0727D*******A* S3 DSH060***3D***A* S1*
DRC0601D*******A* S1 —————————– ———— —————————– ———–
DRC0603D*******A* S1 DSC036***3B***A* S2* DTC036***1****A* S2*
DRC0604D*******A* S1 DSC036***4B***A* S2* DTC036***3****A* S2*
DRC0607D*******A* S1 DSC036***7B***A* S2* DTC048***1****A* S2*
DRC0723D*******A* S3 DSC036***1D***A* S2* DTC048***3****A* S2*
DRC0724D*******A* S3 DSC036***3D***A* S2* DTC060***1****A* S1*
DRC0727D*******A* S3 DSC048***3B***A* S2* DTC060***3****A* S1*
DRC090*********A* M1 DSC048***4B***A* S2* —————————– ———–
DRC102*********A* M1 DSC048***7B***A* S2* DTG036***1****A* S2*
DRC120*********A* M1 DSC048***1D***A* S2* DTG036***3****A* S2*
DRC150*********A* M2 DSC048***3D***A* S2* DTG048***1****A* S2*
—————————– ———— DSC060***3B***A* S2* DTG048***3****A* S2*
DRG0361D*******A* S2 DSC060***4B***A* S2* DTG060***1****A* S1*
DRG0363D*******A* S2 DSC060***7B***A* S2* DTG060***3****A* S1*
DRG0364D*******A* S2 DSC060***1D***A* S2* —————————– ———–
DRG0367D*******A* S2 DSC060***3D***A* S2* DTH036***1****A* S2*
DRG0481D*******A* S1 —————————– ———– DTH036***3****A* S2*
DRG0483D*******A* S1 DSG036***3B***A* S2* DTH048***1****A* S2*
DRG0484D*******A* S1 DSG036***4B***A* S2* DTH048***3****A* S2*
DRG0487D*******A* S1 DSG036***7B***A* S2* DTH060***1****A* S1*
DRG0601D*******A* S1 DSG036***1D***A* S2* DTH060***3****A* S1*
DRG0603D*******A* S1 DSG036***3D***A* S2*
DRG0604D*******A* S1 DSG048***3B***A* S2*
DRG0607D*******A* S1 DSG048***4B***A* S2*
DRG0723D*******A* S3 DSG048***7B***A* S2*
DRG0724D*******A* S3 DSG048***1D***A* S2*
DRG0727D*******A* S3 DSG048***3D***A* S2*
DRG090*********A* M1 DSG060***3B***A* S2*
DRG102*********A* M1 DSG060***4B***A* S2*
DRG120*********A* M1 DSG060***7B***A* S2*
DRG150*********A* M2 DSG060***1D***A* S2*
DSG060***3D***A* S2*
The document you are purchasing is a generic performance evaluation. Use of this document for any site-specific application is the responsibility of others. Installations beyond the performance limitations listed within the purchased document, any site-specific designs/certifications, or California-specific projects shall require custom engineering and invalidate the use of this evaluation. Learn more about the use of this document

Click here to request a quote for us to provide these services, which can also be provided by others who would then become responsible for the applicability of this evaluation. Contact Us if there are any questions and always consult with a design professional before using any generic performance evaluations with your project.
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Outdoor Elements, daikin

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Technical Evaluation Report-TER, Manufacturer Plans

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