Flag Pole Post Calculator

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This calculator provides a typical pole assessment.

Private and manufacturer-sponsored tools check pre-loaded poles, anchorage, and foundation design using pre-set flags & lights.

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Flagpole Calculator V3
Standard Flagpole Stress Calculations
per ANSI / NAAMM FP 1001-07 5th Edition
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General Information
Cone Tapered Aluminum Pole Material:
Exposed Length (ft):          
Taper Length (ft):          
Straight Section Diameter (in):          
Straight Section Wall Thickness (in):          
Top Diameter (in):          
Tapered Section Wall Thickness (in):          
Tapered (in/ft):          
Windspeed (Vult) (mph):          
Flag Material: Nylon / Cotton          
Flag Width: (Vertical Dimension) (ft)          
Flag Height: (Horizontal Dimension) (ft)          
Flag Area (sf):          
Total Segments Analyzed:          
Is the Base Welded
Estimated weight of pole (lbs)          
Results - Pole Stress Analysis
Results - Combined Stress Analysis
A Certified Detailed Report Will Be Generated & Signed By A Professional Engineer Upon Payment Submittal


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Flag Pole Post Calculator


Pre-check the capacity of a flag pole post in accordance with ANSI / NAAMM FP 1001-07 5th Edition. Inquire for remaining design.

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