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The Details

This page allows Tokens that have been purchased or applied to a customer’s account to be converted to store credit. This is how Tokens can be mixed with credit card / PayPal purchases.  This conversion results in a 10% processing fee to complete the transaction.

A better idea is to buy more Tokens which can be purchased at discounted rates. Tokens also don’t incur licensing fees, which are added to final purchase prices. 

Upon exchanging Tokens for credits, a coupon code will be revealed and will also appear in your account page & upon checkout of a plan store purchase so it will be easy to find & use.

As always, Engineering Express is here to assist you in making your online plan store purchases quick & easy.

NOTE: Tokens, coupons, & credits ONLY apply to plan store purchases.  Custom site-specific design projects are separate & not included in this program. Engineering Express reserves the right to deny credit for any reason including misuse of this program. 

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