What are the requirements for using ASTM Missile Level E in Florida (2021 updated)?

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In the 7th Edition Florida Building Code (2020), missile level E is valid in and outside of the HVHZ (Broward and Dade Counties) when it came to essential facilities.  

You can find information in section FBC 1626.2.4 which is under the HVHZ (Dade & Broward Counties) but FBC section 449. refers to FBC sections 1626.  

In previous codes it was in section 419 so it was moved in this section of the code.  Missile E is required in and outside the HVHZ for these types of buildings.

For more on ASTM missile levels and building categories, click here.


All exterior window units, skylights, exterior louvers and exterior door units including vision panels and their anchoring systems shall be impact resistant or protected with an impact-resistant covering meeting the requirements of the Testing Application Standards (TAS) 201, 202, and 203 of this code in accordance with the requirements of Sections 1626.2 through 1626.4 of this code or the debris impact requirements of ASTM E1996 as described in Section 1609.1.2.2. For the purposes of this requirement, facilities located in areas where the ultimate design wind speeds are 130 mph or less as described in Figure 1609.3(2) of this code, shall meet the requirements for Wind Zone 1. The impact-resistant coverings may be either permanently attached or may be removable if stored on site of the facility. Facilities located in the high velocity hurricane zone (HVHZ) shall comply with Sections 1626.2 through 1626.4.


For codes outside Florida, similar rules apply. Check with your local codes for further information or Contact Us to discuss your specific need.



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