Engineering Express provides structural certifications for GROUND MOUNTED or FREESTANDING signs. We certify the stability of the pole in the ground with/without a footing, the supporting poles, and if necessary, the sign structure itself.

This tutorial explains how to create a sign project for our review and certification using our base template1, 2. Please review the checklist below and make sure you complete all necessary steps before uploading your project.



Please submit a sketch of your sign on our template showing the following information but not limited to:

  1. Project address, city, & state (Note: We only certify signs in the states3 we are licensed.)
  2. An “existing” and “proposed” detailed sketch4 of the sign including all dimensions
  3. If required, include the proposed footing5 type, dimensions, & reinforcement details
  4. Include the post5 information:
    • Show quantity of post(s)
    • Show location of post(s)
    • Show material & grade of post(s)
    • Show size, shape, & thickness of post
  5. The electrical code required & county specific information
  6. Any other information you would like listed such as sign color, installation instructions, etc.


1 Click here to download our FLORIDA Ground Mounted or Freestanding Sign template.
2 Click here to download our OUT-OF-STATE Ground Mounted or Freestanding Sign template.
3 Click here to view the list of states we are licensed in.
4 Click here to download the sample sketch shown below.

5 Refer to our Single Post Sign Master Plan Sheet or our Double-Post Sign Master Plan Sheet for post footing and guidelines. If your sign project is generic and fits the requirements indicated in either one of these two existing Master Plan Sheets, then you can purchase these instead.


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