Sometimes, municipalities or contract documents require more information than just submitting a TER (Technical Evaluation Report).  Typical reasons why TER’s aren’t approved include:

  • No certification is provided that the product meets the site specific project requirements
  • The TER is not signed and sealed by the evaluating engineer (a copy was submitted)
  • More sealed copies of the TER are required
  • The product doesn’t work for the intended use (the installation is beyond the product limitations)
  • Additional supporting documentation or calculations are required.
  • The municipality doesn’t understand what a TER is or the legal requirements for  it to be accepted (they may think an NOA or FL approval is required)

In each of the above cases,contact Engineering Express® for a site specific or hourly consultation to assist with approval.

Engineering Express® can only help with products we have evaluated.  Browse our online plan store for a current list of TER’s we have available.


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