What do I do if a TER or Master Plan isn’t enough for a permit?

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Sometimes, municipalities or contract documents require more information than just submitting a TER (Technical Evaluation Report).  Typical reasons why TER’s aren’t approved include:

  • No certification is provided that the product meets the job specific project requirements
    • SOLUTION: A Design Professional needs to certify that the TER meets the job conditions either on their master plan, by a letter, calculations, or other approved method.
    • While Engineering Express are primarily Building Component Engineers, sometimes we can assist with this.  Submit a Job Request if you would like for us to review your need.
  • The TER is not signed and sealed by the evaluating engineer (a copy was submitted)
  • More sealed copies of the TER are required
  • The product doesn’t work for the intended use (the installation is beyond the product limitations)
    • SOLUTION:  Engineering Express can perform a site-specific analysis of the intended use. Typically with site specific evaluations a better answer can be achieved since we are looking at actual conditions as opposed to worst-case scenarios often assumed on evaluation reports.
    • We also offer a free plan swap (store or office credit) for TER’s you just can’t use (no refunds though).
  • Additional supporting documentation or calculations are required.
    • SOLUTION: Either your building engineer of record or Engineering Express can assist with additional supporting calculations.  Complete a Project Request to inquire how we can assist.
  • The municipality doesn’t understand what a TER is or the legal requirements for  it to be accepted (they may think an NOA or FL approval is required)
    • SOLUTION:  Refer them to the below links, specifically https://engineeringexpress.com/wiki/masterplan/.  These articles contain supporting evidence you need to prove to building officials that these are code-compliant solutions.  Remember, it’s a building official’s job to uphold the building code, not make up their own rules.
    • Some products in Florida inside the Florida Rule do require more documentation. Learn more about that by clicking here.
    • If you still need help, we’re here to assist.  Contact Us to discuss what’s going on either in our Live Chat or our General Contact Form.

In each of the above cases, contact Engineering Express® for a site specific or hourly consultation to assist with approval.

Engineering Express provides hundreds of TER’s and Master Plans in our Online Plan Store.
We typically design these for the manufacturers so their installers can quickly and easily obtain sealed copies to obtain their building permit. 

Contact your local building official BEFORE ordering any engineering to determine what exactly is needed for permit.  We can assist in providing documentation to building officials to substantiate our reports.

Manufacturers: Contact Us to discuss your need.


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