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With a dynamic and extremely talented team like we have at Engineering Express…the sky’s the limit with our success. Each project that we design is special in its own way from the first sketch all the way to the final installation. Working with big-name companies allows us the opportunity to provide services like never before, with no plan of slowing down anytime soon, if ever.

Recently, we added the Downtown Disney Four Seasons hotel to our exceptional list of Engineering Express projects. When the Four Seasons decided they wanted to have high quality retractable awnings with a modern style, we were happy to provide our consultation along with
No matter how unpredictable the Florida weather can be; whether it be sunny, rainy, dreary, or overcast, these retractable awnings are the perfect place to relax and unwind between park-hopping all around Orlando.

Opening August 2014, vacationers will soon have the pleasure of enjoying this design yearly (or seasonally if they have a Disney pass of course). If you’re a Floridian or really enjoy visiting our Sunshine State, we certainly hope you check in to the Four Seasons and enjoy these incredible awnings!