Florida Product Approval - Quality Assurance Agency

Keystone Certifications

  Mostly window/glazing quality assurance & certfications   https://floridabuilding.org/pr/pr_orgapp_dtl2.aspx?param=ST4wpkjLQ0dvOo56DCfxOcUIiEuIBWlTrHSfMDFiB2Bz9HGyFOrjQw%3d%3d

National Accredidation & Management Institute (NAMI)

ANSI Accreditation No. 0651 FL Certification No. 1773. IAS-AA-728 NFRC Recognition   https://floridabuilding.org/pr/pr_orgapp_dtl2.aspx?param=ST4wpkjLQ0dlgiPMyHhUEG3XE8bzAdrO90zKOOD2o6CEVknf9P%2bJ6g%3d%3d

Intertek Test Laboratories

With locations nationwide, Intertek is a nationally recognized test lab to provide Miami Dade, FL, TDI, and ICC-certified testing on a variety of products, including glazing of all kinds, doors, mechanical equipment, specialty components, and much more.   For Florida Product Approval Quality Assurance contracts, contact (11/23) Maura Norlander Senior Client Coordinator Intertek Building & …

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