Engineering Express® is a national building component design firm focused on providing innovative solutions to manufacturers and their installers. We optimize the design process & minimize the pain points commonly experienced with traditional firms.

Our innovations have revolutionized the design, communication, & permitting processes.  Our acclaimed plan store provides hundreds of pre-engineered master plans for permitting throughout the U.S. Public & privately-accessed design aids greatly speed up the estimating & design optimization processes.  A revolutionary custom quote & project management system for clients provides transparent, streamlined quoting, communication, and project tracking.

Manufacturers and their installers receive personalized support with easy access to our many multi-state professional engineers, designers, & support staff. Focusing exclusively on the design of building components, Engineering Express® has gained unique industry expertise in product evaluation, design, & innovation in this field.  Contact or Chat with us to discuss our unique end-to-end building component solutions, or download our whitepaper to learn more.


The design of building components has significantly changed with the advancement of technology, building codes, and natural disasters.

Read this informative, interactive whitepaper that identifies the problems & solutions to this pain point of design & construction.



Engineering Express provides engineering support channels for these featured clients.
Plans, Calculators, Knowledge Base & Live Chat are available in support channels.

Engineering Express also participates in EngineeringPlans.com – The nation’s largest building component plan site where plans from many firms, products & accessories from manufacturers, & services from dealers come together to provide a single source for building component solutions.

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What's a building component?

Every building project contains elements of the design that are manufactured for a specific use such as windows, doors, canopies, & rooftop equipment that need certified engineering plans. 

Building components are also be outside and around buildings. Sunrooms, pergolas, railings, signs & decks are examples of components that require certified engineering design for public safety, extreme weather & for proper permitting & insurance throughout the US.