We Use Technology To Provide Faster & More Economical Component Designs

We Disrupt The Traditional Consulting Model & Provide

→ High Speed

Ultra Accurate

Digitally Assisted

Design Systems

– Created For You –

We Specialize In:
Designs For
of Buildings…
Metro Rail Lighting Wind Engineering by Engineering Express
…And Components
Surrounding Buildings

We Design Building Components

For Recognized Companies Across America

You can see our engineering work for many of these clients in our Pre-Engineered Plan Store

Featured Clients we provide product evaluation and site specific design services for include:

We use a

3-tiered approach

to interacting with clients

& our clients’ customers


Pre-Engineered Master Plan Sheets

Multi-state certifiable plans for the most
common building component needs

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Engineering Calculators

Our digital tools quickly solve your toughest engineering questions
with ultra definition accuracy saving you time & money

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Many more are in use by clients for personalized solutions that have changed how they do business.  We have aggressive business models to provide online tools to you Contact Us to discuss your needs


Smart Quote System

We intelligently collect exactly what we
need to quickly engineer your best solution

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We Live By Our Core Values:

→ Make Your Day

Innovate Everything

Take Ownership In What We Do

→ Win As A Team

Celebrate Achievements

We maintain a national involvement
in our design industries


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