Notable Projects

These are just a sampling of the hundreds of building component projects we design each year.  Engineering Express designs projects from coast-to-coast in a number of building component industries

crawford tracey boca hospital

Glazing Design For Boca Raton Regional Hospital M.O.B.

Stunning blue large missile impact curtainwall glass highlights this project in South Florida near the beach. Attention was made to match the parking garage to the main building of their Medical Office Building. Glazing is large missile impact, and includes Crawford Tracey’s own Pro-Tech 7SG, 9SG Systems, both of which were also engineered by Engineering Express and Florida Product Approved (Fl 29520)

dewalt product approvals

Product Evaluations For Dewalt Anchors

Engineering Express is proud to be the engineering evaluator for Dewalt’s line of anchors for their Miami Dade & Florida Product Approvals. By performing these evaluations, Engineering Express is in the unique position to utilize this expertise in designing other products installed with these anchors – windows, railings, canopies, and more, saving our clients materials and labor with every project, nationwide. Find these approvals on the Dewalt website by clicking here.


Aluminum Mechanical Louvered Roof Specialists

We engineer commercial mechanical louvered roofs for national companies like this restaurant design for StruXure Louvered Roofs. We are StruXure Corporate’s design firm of choice & host their engineering support channel, 


Large Scale Residential Canopy Projects – Renaissance Patio Products

Engineering Express created an entire ecosystem of products, calculations, and fast ordering systems for the Renaissance line of patio covers. Combining our unique plan store features with templated designs, both generic and site-specific engineering for permit is produced in record time, with great detail, and at very competitive pricing. Click Here to visit our Renaissance Engineering Support Channel & learn more about how we help large-scale client projects. 


Anthropologie South Beach Building Envelope

This landmark structure in the hard of South Beach in Miami on Lincoln Road was custom designed for Crawford Tracey Corporation.

Hard Rock Interior Engineering Express

Hard Rock Hollywood FL Interior Curved Glass Design

Engineering Express designed & inspected the stunning interior curved glass at the Hard Rock ‘Guitar’ Casino in Hollywood Florida for Vigilante Associates. We also produced a podcast about this, click here for the episode.

Stanley automatic door approvals

Product Evaluations for Stanley Automatic Doors

Engineering Express has been the product evaluation of choice for Stanley Automatic Entrance Doors for over 10 years. By performing these product evaluations for Miami-Dade, Florida, and Texas, we are able to efficiently and cost-effectively produce site-specific shop drawings for Stanly Automatic Entrance Doors nationwide – for Retail, Hospitals, Office Buildings, Visit the Stanley product certifications page by clicking here to see more Click here to inquire about Engineering Express creating shop drawings for your Stanley Automatic Entrance Door project.

Greene Centre at Lakewood Ranch

Greene Centre at Lakewood Ranch

Over 100 feet of suspended walkway covers was custom designed for the Green Centre at Lakewood Ranch in Lakewood Ranch, FL. Awning designs were hung from custom reinforced soffits which span nearly 14 feet in this high wind area. Designs like this are performed by the firm every day for projects like this across the US.

Royal Carribbean Terminal Walkway Covers

Glass & Solid Roof Walkway Covers & Wall Glazing for Royal Caribbean Terminal, Fort Lauderdale, FL

While this image illustrates a small portion of the mixed glass & solid roof walkway covers that allow passengers to travel to the terminal under-roof, Engineering Express also custom-designed glazing & product approvals specifically for this high-profile Royal Caribbean Terminal project in Fort Lauderdale, FL. Work was painstakingly reviewed, installed, & inspected to ensure a world-class port of entry for international visitors.

National Evaluation Reports for Ozco Building Products-Hillman Group, Inc.

Engineering Express performs structural performance evaluations for building components every day for use across the US such as this series of connectors for Ozco – Ornamental Wood ties for the Hillman Group. These evaluation reports are performed from a combination of testing & rational analysis to list specific performance allowances & installation methods of products. The reports become available for purchase as certified documents for permit through our online plan store as well as Ozco’s private labeled engineering support channel hosted by Engineering Express. Click here for a free consultation about how we can provide this innovative solution for your product.

Lion Country Safari Chain Link Fence

Custom Chain Link Fence and Gates for Lion Country Safari

Engineering express was challenged with the design of custom chain link fences & gates to secure the kings of the jungle at the Lion County Safari in West Palm Beach, FL. These 20 foot fences were designed for high winds as well as to continue underground and across the field to prevent the lions from digging under the fences. The fences transverse the entire perimeter of the facility.

S FL Water Mgmt District Walkway Cover

One-of-a-Kind Walkway Covers For the South Florida Water Management District

It takes a one-of-a-kind company to design these one-of-a-kind walkway covers, pergolas, and porte cochere’s for the South Florida Water Management District in West Palm Beach, FL. This photo is a small piece of this large scale project. Engineering Express designs projects like this across the US.

Carrier Center for Intelligent Buildings

Carrier Center For Intelligent Buildings Custom Walkway Cover

This project deserves honorable mention, designing this 2nd story covered walkway cover with louvered walls for the Carrier Center for Intelligent Buildings in Palm Beach Gardens, FL. Engineering Express navigated both high winds, custom above-grade connections, and impact to the host structure for this project. We design projects like this for wind, snow, & seismic loads across the US.

S Fl Transportation Authority Walkway Covers

South Florida Transportation Authority Walkway Covers

A single photo can’t describe the variety and volume of walkway covers for the S FL Transportation Authority in Pompano Beach, FL. Multi-level walkway covers both freestanding & host attached as well as suspended awnings sprawl over the entire high wind zone facility.

Marriott Suspended Canopy

Suspended Canopy – Marriott Residence Inn, Miami, FL

It wasn’t that we just designed this 20 foot suspended canopy for the Marriott Residence Inn on Collins Avenue in Miami, FL, but we had to design it to the toughest wind standards in the US for the beach in Miami, FL with full calculations that were intensely scrutinized. The structure was also angled and on a high-rise commercial structure adding to the complexity. Design by Zach Rubin, PE.


One Of A Kind Glazing Design for Joe Dimaggio Hospital in Miami

Special attention to detail was needed to execute this stunning segmented glass design. Engineering Express provided full shop drawings and engineering for this project for Crawford Tracey Corporation.

NACCU Admin Bldg

LEED Certified Sunshade Design – NACCU Admin Building

Engineering Express designed the sunshades for the Navy-Army Credit Union Building in Corpus Christie, TX. We engineer these complex awnings both at the project and the product evaluation level for national clients. This project was engineered for Canopy Solutions by Zach Rubin, PE.

Cumberland Farms awning design

Cumberland Farms, Margate FL

Engineering Express not only designed the standing seam awnings for this Cumberland Farms in Margate, FL, but we also designed the automatic entrance doors for Stanley Doors, the decorative Bahama Shutters & storefront glazing. We also engineer the sign mounting, bollards, and rooftop equipment for structures like this across the US. Standing Seam design work for C & R General Contractors, Inc.

MCH Grove Bay Parking Garage Engineering Express

Giant Shade Sail – MCM Grove Bay Parking Garage

Engineering Express painstakingly designed this tension shade sail to sit atop the MCM Grove Bay Parking Garage in Miami, FL. The design had to result in a net zero lateral burden to the host structure. Calculations were scrutinized for full compliance. Design performed for Hoover Architectural

Samari Towers Hialeah FL - Engineering Express

Samari Towers Porte Cochere Design & Inspection

Engineering Express designed & supervised inspection of this Porte Cochere for Samari Towers in Hialeah Gardens, Florida for Walker Design & Construction. Work by Zach Rubin, PE

Lincoln Centre Dallas TX Canopy Engineering Express

Lincoln Centre Rooftop Louvered Roof

This louvered roof was designed to sit atop the roof of an area of the Lincoln Centre in Dallas Texas. Work was meticulously prepared for Canopy Solutions. Design by Zach Rubin, PE

Coral-Springs-City-Hall Engineering Express

Coral Springs, FL City Hall Suspended Glass Canopy

Combining our talents for glass & suspended canopies, Engineering Express designed this architectural feature for The Coral Springs City Hall for Perfection Architecture

Mystique-Glass-Canopy Engineering Express

Breathtaking Glass Canopy – Mystique Condo

Highly customized glass canopy for Mystique Condominiums Pelican Bay, Naples, FL Work for Specialty Structures, design Zach Rubin, PE

USF Sunshade Image

University of South Florida Credit Union Louvered Sunshade

Here’s an example of a custom sunshade we engineered for USF campus in Tampa, FL. Work was a radius design to a corner turn and designed to withstand Florida Design winds

Glazed Building

Engineering Express Designs Building Envelope For Flagship Hermes Store in Miami’s Design District

Not only did Engineering Express provide glazing design for the wide span, multi story openings in Hermes flagship store in Miami Beach, Florida, but they also provided the design and supervised testing for the 4 story freestanding decorative louvers, custom display roof covers, and fashion rooftop walkway areas. Designed to the toughest Dade County specifications, strict schedules and design requirements were handled with professionalism and accuracy.

Beautiful glazed Building

Engineering Express Designs Building Components For the Brightline Rail Stations

Engineering Express was chosen for numerous component designs for a number of Brightline Rail Stations throughout South Florida. Providing glazing, door, and other accessory feature designs, Engineering Express met strict deadlines and detailed project protocols.


MIles of Glazing For Daytona Speedway

It was our great privilege to provide engineering glazing designs for the Daytona Rising project in Daytona Beach, FL. Working with Crawford Tracey Corporation, Engineering Express fast-tracked a customized engineered design for permit and construction.


Engineering Express Designs Glass Rail For Jade Ocean Maimi

With stunning views of the Atlantic Ocean (and winds), Engineering Express designs life safety handrails of all kinds such as this project in Miami Beach, FL


Fontainebleu Miami Specialty Glazing & Accessories

Unique designs for this iconic structure in Miami such as the renovated glazing areas and poolside features.

photo of milton ave

55 Milton Ave

Engineering Express meticulously designed suspended awnings for this 7-story residential building located in Atlanta, GA. The project consisted of 768 sq ft of suspended hanger rod aluminum canopies installed through a new brick facade. This design was completed in conjunction with our client, Awnings Above. Building component designs like this are performed by Engineering Express every day for projects across the US.

Beautiful glazed house

Outdoor Living Designs for Star Island Miami

Engineering Express provided the engineering designs for numerous building components on this unique project in Star Island in Miami, FL. From the pool to the handrails to specialty glazing, stairs and firepit features, this concept project took thinking out of the box to a new level.

Max Planck Engineering Express

ENGINEERING EXPRESS DESIGNS MAX PLANCK FACILITY AT FLORIDA INSTITUTE   Engineering Express is on hand at the onset of the Max Planck Facility at the Florida Institute to deliver another commercial glazing project. Part of the prestigious Max Planck Society based in Germany, the MPFI is the first and only institute of its kind in North America. Situated in the new biosciences cluster in scenic Palm Beach County in South Florida, the MPFI provides a vibrant, interactive environment where scientists are provided generous ongoing support to conduct high impact research at the cutting edge. Engineering Express is a natural fit for the design and glazing assistance for the project, under construction in 2011-2012. For more on Max Planck, click here.  

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