It's Time To Bring In Your Engineering Team

Hiring, training, & maintaining an engineering staff to design, certify, and provide technical support for your building products is more than a full time job.


Using our proprietary systems, we closely integrate with manufacturers to optimize, product designs, and with their dealers to provide personalized, experienced, and certified designs throughout the US.

Your Team Has Arrived

Harness the experience, licensing, and technology of the leading
building component engineering firm for your design, permitting, & construction needs.

What We Do For Manufacturers

Step 1: Discovery Phase

A) Using a closely monitored hourly contract, we access your product’s performance.

B) We work together with you to optimize capacities, spans, and how to best present this information to those who need it.

C) We develop the necessary details, charts, and project templates for your review & approval.

Photo of Manufacturing Aluminum

Step 2: We Create Your Custom Tools

A) We enter a fixed-fee contract to develop performance evaluations, private & public design aids, & project templates with design fee tiers for your installing contractors that greatly streamline & optimize designs.

B)Certified Performance Evaluations (also known as Master Plans) are made available through our Plan Store,, or privately accessed for purchase & permit.

C)Interactive Design Aids are created from the calculations performed to help your staff & your dealers/installers with pre-design & estimating services available 24/7.

Design Aid Calculators

...Then Help Manufacturers' Dealers

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Step 3: Your Engineering Team Goes Live

A) We establish set pricing & terms for site-specific project designs for permit for your dealers & installers.

B) We create & maintain your customized Engineering Support Channel. Link from your website to complete Your Engineering Team experience.

C) Site-specific projects are managed through Your Engineering Team portal – See live project information, chat with your dedicated designer, handle orders & payments, see project history.

So What's An Engineering Support Channel?

The key to your engineering team is this centralized hub for all your engineering needs. Support channels are continuously updated to include the latest resources, plans, articles, and engineering help for your needs. Support channels contain custom links to make it easy to link to and return to your site.

Engineering Support Channel

Your Engineering Support Channel Includes:

Download The Whitepaper

The design of building components has significantly changed with the advancement of technology, building codes, and natural disasters.

Read this informative, interactive whitepaper which identifies the problems & solutions to this pain point of design & construction.

Access Your Engineering Solution

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