Central Florida

Skyscraper Construction

BUILDING ENVELOPE SERVICES Includes but not limited to; 1. Stucco and EIFS repairs 2. Facade re-construction 3.Investigative and testing assistance 4. Mansory repairs 5. Exterior cladding system repairs 6. New Cladding systems 7. 40/50 Year re-certification repairs alongside the Engineer-of-record

Nutting Engineers

Geotechnical Engineering Materials Testing Inspections Environmental

NTA Test Lab

Specializing in SIP panel testing From their website: Windows and Doors Formaldehyde Adhesives SIPs HUD Assemblies Foam Insulation Moisture Barriers Deck Board and Guardrail Testing Termite Resistance Structural Assemblies Gypsum Board Fasteners Wood and Sheathing Florida Product Approval Plumbing Fixtures Fire Testing Performance

PTC Product Design Group

Florida BCIS Product Approval Miami-Dade County Notice of Acceptance (NOA) Texas Department of Insurance TDI Evaluations Structural & Impact Test Planning Site Specific Engineering/Local Permitting Approval Code Compliance Product Design Exterior Signs Fence and Railings

Smyth Engineering

Providing general structural engineering & inspection services in the south-central Florida area. Services Offered: Milestone Inspection Phase One and Two Structural Integrity Reserve Studies 40-Year BORA Building Recertifications Forensics and Structural Integrity Evaluation Concrete Restoration Seawall Restoration Impact Window and Door Replacement Aluminum and Precast Railing Replacement

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