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Season 2 Episode 1:
Fire! Stop!

With Special Guest Brian Campbell

Go on site to a 12 story building and learn how rooms inside buildings are fireproofed – I mean fire stopped.  Special Guest Brian Campbell of Low Counrty Firestop takes us on a tour of work as it’s being installed. It’s an enlightening and entertaining afternoon. Learn More at


Season 1 Finale Episode 6: Aligner Therapy
Virtually Invisible Orthodontic Tooth Movement

With Special Guest Dr. Barry Matza

Take a journey from the beginnings of Orthodontics to sexy Invisalign retail experiences in malls across America with special guest Dr. Barry Matza.  Understand the history, science, and future of this age-old profession and how it is relating to the modern world.

Take a 3D 180 Tour (with headset, 180 tour without) through the Magic of Google by Clicking Here

Episode 5: The Hamptons

Explore, enlighten, and entertain with special guest and established year-round Hamptonite Steven Shiller

Episode 4: Red Letter Day

Listen as Frank takes apart his latest single “Red Letter Day” and how it became a song by Circle 4 in this special edition of Deconstructing This

Find the single on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, and many other streaming services.


Watch The Incredible Music Video:

Red Letter Day

Episode 3: Mardi Gras!

Venture with Frank and friends
as we deconstruct Mardi Gras 2018…

Ride along in a parade float, take a Mardi Gras stroll down Bourbon Street, & experience the adventure through the eyes of friends Jeff and Amanda in this thrilling, action packed episode!

See the action in 360 degree surround videos here:

Episode 2: The Making of
The $2 Bill Documentary

Host Frank Bennardo interviews his brother John Bennardo on his journey into the fascination with this unique bill and how the movie came to be.

Learn more about the $2 bill Documentary at or on YouTube

Episode 1: Burning Man

Take a journey into this annual desert phenomenon with Guest Zach Rubin, EI. Listen to engaging stories as Zach provides unique perspectives through his lens of Engineering.

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