Blackwater Technical Services, Inc.

Blackwater routinely performs the following building envelope testing:

  • Impact Testing – small and large missile impacts are performed in various locations on the specimens, using pneumatic cannons, simulating hurricane or tornado windborne debris. Also, we provide ANSI Z97.1 safety glazing testing for assessment of safety when the glazing materials are broken by human contact.
  • Cyclic Wind Pressure Loading – following impact testing, specimens are cycled to extremes of design pressures to ensure that the products do not experience gross structural failure (deglazing, etc)
  • Structural Loading – static pressure loads are applied in both directions to determine the ability of the product to withstand design differential pressure loads (simulated wind loads), including an appropriate factor of safety. Deflections and permanent sets of structural members are measured and compared to allowable criteria.
  • Operating Force and Forced Entry Resistance are determined per ASTM and AAMA Standards
  • Water Penetration and Air Infiltration – water penetration and air infiltration tests are performed to ensure that the products are adequate for protection of the building envelope. Calibrated mass flow meters are utilized to determine the air infiltration at a given pressure. Water infiltration is determined utilizing calibrated nozzles to direct a water spray over the entire surface of the specimen while under differential pressure, simulating a storm environment.
  • Dynamic – we can perform dynamic testing using a propeller driven wind and water stream on the specimens. This test is particularly useful for building codes or jurisdictions outside of hurricane wind zones.
  • Structural Testing – racking, tensile, compression, cyclic loading, and cold creep testing of structural wall panels.
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