Bromley Cook – NV5

Bromley Cook is a structural engineering consulting firm doing business in South Florida and the Islands for well over 28 years. In that time, our firm has pursued bold and innovative ideas on some of the most prestigious projects on Florida’s coast. From stunning beachfront high-rise restoration to small private residences and innovative, unique facades, Bromley Cook is equipped to handle the full spectrum of engineering services.

 Our engineers and inspectors are skilled in developing effective methods of designing, protecting, repairing, and preserving concrete structures in our harsh Ocean environment. Bromley Cook also specializes in specialty glass design and glazing. At every step in a project from initiation to conclusion, our expert engineering staff endeavors to determine the best solutions to the unique challenges inherent in every project. Cost, schedules, aesthetics, efficiency, and sustainability are given careful consideration aimed at achieving our client’s expectations. We look forward to making your project a reality!

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