Glazing, curtainwall, anchors

Structural Load Test
Uniform Static Air Pressure Test
Air & Water Infiltration Test
Large & Small Missile Impact Test
Cyclic Wind Pressure Test
Tensile, and Compression Test
Bend test of Rebar
Rockwell and Ultrasonic7 Hardness Testing
Micro and superficial Hardness Testing
Microscopic Analysis
Coating Thickness Analysis
Ultrasonic Flaw Detection (UT)
Crack & Flaw Detection
Crack Depth Measurement
Conductivity Measurement (%IACS)
Ultrasonic Thickness Measurement
Composite De-lamination Inspection
Fastener, Anchor, Connectors, and Ties tests
Accelerated UV Weathering (QUV & Xenon Arc)
Outdoor Weathering for UV, rain, condensation
Light Transmission Analysis
Moisture Content Determination
Racking, Tension, and Compression Tests
Sound Transmission Studies
Mechanical Properties of Rubber & Plastics
Vacuum System Design and Analysis
Structural Engineering Analysis    Download Brochure
XRF, WDXRF, Elemental and UV, Visible Spectroscopic Analysis
FTIR Infrared & Raman Spectroscopic Analysis
Salt Spray G85
Self Ignition Test
Rate of Burn Test
Smoke Density Test
Fabric & Yarn Testing
Paint Testing

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