NCTL National Certified Testing Laboratories

Testing Services

Simulation/ Thermal Testing
NFRC Simulation Test Procedures, THERM, WINDOW, CMAST
NFRC Physical Validation Test Procedure NFRC 102
NFRC Air Test Procedure NFRC 400

Air, Water, Structural Testing
AAMA Standard – 101/I.S.2-A440-05 & 08
ASTM Test Methods – ASTM E283 Air, E331/E547 Water, E330 Loads
SMA Security Screen Test – 6001

Field Testing
AAMA 501.2
AAMA 502
AAMA 503
AAMA 511
ASTM E783 – Field Air Test
ASTM E1105 – Field Water Test

SGCC Impact Testing
CPSC 16 CFR 1201 for Category I or II
ANSI Z97.1-2004 for Class A or B

Hurricane Testing
State of Florida – TAS 201, 202 & 203
Miami-Dade County Testing Protocols – TAS/PA 201, 202 & 203
ASTM E1886/ E1996
AAMA 506

Insulated Glass Testing
ASTM E2190 employing E2188 and E2189
IGCC Glass Certification Program
IGMA Glass Certification Program

Light Fixture Testing
ASTM E283 Air Leakage Test method

Engineering Calculations & Evaluations
ASCE7 Design Windload Pressure Calculations
AAMA 2502 Comparative Analysis
Unified Facilities Criteria 4-010-01, Dept. of Defense Minimum Building Standards

Curtain Wall / Mock Up Testing
AAMA 501.2
AAMA 501.4
AAMA 501.5
AAMA 501.7
AAMA 503
ASTM Test Methods – ASTM E283 Air, E331/E547 Water, E330 Loads

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