Create structural drawings for new or existing residential projects including, Single-Family Production Homes, Custom Waterfront Projects, Town Homes, and Multi-Story Condos.

As Certified Special Inspectors we can provide Special Inspection services as required by the State of Florida for Threshold Structures. We also provide Private Provider Inspections and Quality Assurance Inspections to owners and developers.

Create structural drawings for new or existing commercial projects including, retail plazas, offices, tenant build-outs, and more.

We can provide structural analysis and design of individual building components including, Steel Stairs, Signs and Awnings, Retaining Walls, and Structural Decks.

Inspections services to evaluate and provide repair recommendations for Structural Damage caused by Fire, Natural Disasters, Automobile Accidents, Sinkholes, Floods, and more.

Provide demolition services that include Crane Pick Plans, Beam Cut and Pick Sequencing, Analysis of Temporary Structures, Analysis of Partial Structural Members, and Analysis of Existing Structures for support of temporary loads.

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