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Equipment Pad Design Calculator For Generators

For At-Grade Generators or Mechanical Units Set on Americast Precast Concrete Pads
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  Site Conditions UNIT
Input Ultimate Wind Speed, Vult, Based on Location
This can be found at and is subject to your local building department
Ult Wind Speed
Determine your site exposure category. Help can be found at Exposure Category
This option toggles whether lift from wind on the top of the generator is considered in the calculations. Uplift is required to be considered in many hurricane-prone areas (such as in the HVHZ & Miami). Consider Uplift
Provide the type of surface that the pad will be installed on. (It is assumed that the equipment pad will be installed at grade with no ground anchorage). Ground Condition
Design Conditions
Wind Pressure At Grade PSF
Soil Requirements  
Mechanical Unit Information
Input the brand of the Mechanical Unit to be displayed on the report page Brand
kW Rating
Model ID
Selected Generator Info
Cooling Type
Unit Length IN
Unit Width IN
Unit Height IN
Unit Weight LBS
If your Unit's brand name is not shown, you may manually input it here (Custom Brand Name)
Input your unit's Model ID to be shown on your report page (Optional) Model ID
Input your unit's KW Rating to be shown on your report page (Optional) KW Rating
Input the maximum Length of the mechanical unit Unit Length
Input the maximum Width of the mechanical unit Unit Width
Input the maximum Height of the mechanical unit Unit Height
Input the Minimum Weight of the unit as reported in the specifications (without the weight of fuel or additions) Unit Weight
Required Pad Size
This is the minimum allowable pad size to satisfy anchorage & reinforcement requirements for the selected generator. Pad may need to be larger or heavier in order to satisfy site design conditions Pad Size
Pad Information
"Pre-Engineered Pad Sizes" will provide options and links to view and purchase pre-engineered master plans for commonly used pads. For any other pad sizes, select "Custom Size" and input the desired dimensions and construction of your pad Pad Design
Generator pads may be made of solid concrete, or be poured with a foam core to reduce weight. Note that foam core pads may not be accepted by all permitting deparrtments. Pad Construction
Select a pre-engineered pad size or choose "Custom Pad" to input your own dimensions Pad Size or ID
Input total length of entire pad. Pad lengths will be divided into Double and triple pads at every 60" and individual pad lengths will be shown below Pad Length
Input total Width of pads (smaller or equal to length). Pad width must be at least 6" greater than unit widith. Pad Width
Input thickness of pads.
Foam-Core pads have a maximum thickness of 8". Pads larger than 8" are considered "elevated" pads
Pad Thickness
Selected Pad Information:
This is the generator pad that will be used in calculations and listed on your final report Pad Type
Generator Pads may be precast or poured in place. They may be built with a foam core and a 3" top slab to reduce total pad weight, or pured from solid concrete. Foam Core pads are considered hollow for calculation purposes and their use may be subject to local building dept. approval Pad Construction
Length of each individual pad to be used in calculations Pad Length
Width of each individual pad to be used in calculations Pad Width
Height of each individual pad to be used in calculations Pad Height
Calculated weight of the listed pad Pad Weight
This generator pad has a pre-engineered master plan! Search for this drawing number on the EX Plan Store. Existing Master Plan
Americast has developed pre-engineered master plans for Elevated Foam Core Generator Pads. These plans can be found and purchased at (See elevated pad drawings 21-36432, 21-38537, & 21-39268) Americast Elevated
Foam Core Pads
Design Criteria
Total Weight of the Mechanical unit & Pad together to be used in design pressure calculations System Weight
This is the maximum pressure that this pad + generator is rated for Max Design Pressure
At the design pressure listed the system will fail by this means Limiting Factor
Design Check  
Equipment Pad Design
See report page or corresponding Master Plan for additional concrete specifications Concrete
Reinforcement to be used in top slab of foam core pad or throughout solid concrete pads Reinforcement
Anchors to be used to attach unit to pad. Anchors are to attach to pad via intgrated mounting holes at each corner of generator unit or via additional mounting angles. For mouning requirements outside listed criteria, contact Engineering Express. Anchors Into Concrete
This note will appear when anchoring conditions are not applicable for either the site design conditions or the maximum desifgn condtions. Anchor Check
This field will appear when the system design is not sufficient for the input conditions. Refer the error message and adjust the inputs above to find a satisfactory system design before ordering your certified copies. Error Message
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Americast Generator Pad Calculator

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Find the ideal Americast pad for a range of preset or custom generators for a variety of wind conditions. Order certified copies for permit.

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