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Quickly and easily Book A Consultation with Engineering Express to discuss a project or idea. We will match your need with over a dozen expert Professional Engineers & designers of the firm specializing in structural building component design from one of the industries we serve

Fees are in half-hour increments & must be pre-paid to initiate a consultation. 30 Minutes is the minimum time to book regardless of whether the meeting ends before 30 minutes. If you feel a longer time is warranted, you may book up to one (1) hour using this module. Typically, these fees offset & reduce project quote fees. If 30 minutes have expired, we reserve the right to end the consultation & reschedule another consultation if warranted unless otherwise agreed during the call. Not sure whether to purchase or how much time your consultation may need? Chat With Us First. More in-depth consultations & time beyond one (1) hour require a quotation for consultation. Click here to request a formal quote.

Once paid for, we will reach out to schedule a meeting via Microsoft Teams or phone. This service excludes in-person meetings. Generally, we can accommodate a 24-48 hour lead time during business hours (8:30-5 pm Eastern M-F). See other terms & conditions by clicking here.

While there are no refunds for completed consultations, and our responses may not be satisfactory to your needs, we will do our best to ensure you receive a fair service for the compensation agreed upon and provide you with code-compliant answers within our areas of expertise & industries we serve. We reserve the right to cancel or end our consultation if we feel the request is beyond our ability to assist you properly. In this case, if less than 15 minutes have expired in the consultation, we will consider the circumstances to determine if a refund is warranted.

Once the meeting is complete, we generally follow up with a summary of the conversation & next steps as applicable. Consultation DOES NOT include any sealed engineering work, statements, or conclusions, that can be negotiated for an additional fee. It is clear that this is a preliminary contract for general discussion/discovery of engineering needs that may or may not lead to a formal quote for professional engineering services & sealed work for permit & construction or that this fee is for follow-up consultation on work already performed & completed by us. At no time is any information or deliverable received from this consultation agreement to be considered binding for fabrication, construction, or use in any way.

This consultation is available only to qualifying businesses (Manufacturers and Contractors). Homeowners’ (owner-builders) requests won’t be processed, and orders will be canceled.

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