Norbord OSB Wall Sheathing Calculator

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Use this calculator to determine the required nail spacing for Wall Sheathing and Shear Walls.
Results are to be verified & certified by a design professional before use. Click Here for our article on the theory behind perforated and segmented shearwall design

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Norbord Wall Sheathing Calculator
Visit Calculates Nail Spacing in OSB Sheathing Panel Shearwalls
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Special Design Provisions for Wind & Seismic 2015 Edition           Version 19.0                 06/03/19
Click Here to Review SDPWS 2015
Material Properties
Wood Species for Top Plate:
Wood Species for Studs:
Wood Species for Bottom Sill Plate:
OSB Sheathing Panels Thickness:
OSB Sheathing Panels APA Span:
OSB Sheathing Panels APA Grade Rating:
Wall Geometry/Configuration
Wood Stud Spacing, S:
Design Method
Design Method:
Shear Wall Height: ft in
Distributed Live Load= lb/ft
Distributed Dead Load Above Wall= lb/ft
Wall Self Weight= lb/ft
Total Downward Loads=
Uplift Distributed Load= lb/ft
Concrentrated Shear Load (In-Plane): lb
For clarification image, click here.
Segment Length, ft  Height, ft Sill Height, ft
Choose your segments to maximize holddown and nail spacing values between openings.
Pier 1
Opening 1
Pier 2
Also enter the maximum opening height in your perforated segment.
Opening 2
Pier 3
Opening 3
Pier 4
Opening 4
Pier 5
Opening 5
Pier 6
Max. required shear on top of wall, V = 
Unit Shear, Vm =
Effective length of wall, SLi =
Maximum opening height ratio, MOHR =
Maximum opening and wall height ratio, hi/h =
Shear capacity adjustment factor, Co =
Total Shear Wall Capacity, Va =
Total shear wall capacity combined with uplift forces, Vac = 
Top Plates Studs Sill
Panels Edge and Seams, S3 =
Panels Field, S1 =
Nails at Upper Top Plate and Sill Plate, S2 =
Maximum Bolt Spacing at Sill, S4 =
Connection Type
SDPWS 2015 Use minimum 0.229"x3"x3" plate washers at all anchorage points connected to bottom plates or sill plates to the foundation.
    Anchor spacing is based on bolt-to-wood calculations, not bolt-to-concrete. For bolt-to-concrete calculations, please contact Engineering Express.      
    Sill anchor spacing is based on SDPWS 2015 Table, Maximum Anchor Bolt Spacing for Combined Shear and Wind Uplift. Engineer of Record to check for out-of-plane loads.    
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Norbord OSB Wall Sheathing Calculator


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