Rooftop Equipment Wind Pressure Calculator

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This calculator determines site-specific wind pressures for rooftop equipment based on site-specific conditions and unit information. 

This calculator is for estimating purposes only and NOT for permit use. Results are only valid when reviewed, signed, and sealed by a Professional Engineer from Engineering Express. Click “Order Certified Results” to order a review and certification delivered to you for permit.

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Calculations are based on ASCE 7-16 Section 29.4.1 Design Wind Loads: Other Structures: Rooftop Equipment and Structures for Buildings. Calculations are valid for: ASCE 7-10 & 7-16, FBC 2017 & 2020, and IBC 2012, 2015, & 2018.

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Rooftop Equipment Wind Pressure Calculator
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Input Site-Specific Conditions:
Ultimate Wind Velocity, Vult  mph
ASCE Exposure Category 
Mean Roof Height, MRH  ft
In Florida? (Affects Clearance)
Input Unit Information: (See Image Below)
# of Units (Max. 5)
Name / Unit  Unit Clearance
Model Depth Height Height
Number (in) (in) (in)
U.N.O. by AHJ: Min. Clearance (in) 
U.N.O. by AHJ: Min. Clearance (in) 
U.N.O. by AHJ: Min. Clearance (in) 
U.N.O. by AHJ: Min. Clearance (in) 
U.N.O. by AHJ: Min. Clearance (in) 
Output: Design Wind Pressures (ASD)
Name / Lateral Uplift
Model Pressure Pressure
Number (± psf) (psf)
Figures for Unit Information:

Rooftop Equipment Wind Pressure Calculator


Calculate mechanical rooftop equipment wind pressures & stand clearance heights for up to 5 units. Order certified copies for permit.

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