Striking Similarity: A Sandy Recovery View of the Future

As work slowly progresses to damaged areas of the New Jersey Shore, Engineering Express maintains a close eye on the recovery, helping where we are most needed.

Florida Cottage - NJ Sandy Recovery Lookalike

A recent trip to the Bay Head-Seaside Heights areas showed glimpses of what the future holds for damaged areas Jersey Shore.

A project in Delray Beach, Florida on the Ocean I recently visited stopped me in my tracks, bearing an uncanny similarity to areas visited after Sandy.

This article’s cover photos put what I saw side-by-side so you too can see what I believe is the definitive future to restoring the charm and beauty to the Jersey Shore.

For more information about the Delray Beach project, visit  The rest of these photos are part of the Florida project but could just as easily be modular built cottages in New Jersey replacing the damaged ones.

We look forward to making a significant difference to areas affected by Sandy in 2014!


NJ Cottage FL Lookalike

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