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The information contained herein is offered as an unbiased list of firms and services that compliment the services offered by Engineering Express.
The information is provided with no guarantee or endorsement of any kind and not with our recommendation.
We strive to achieve a well rounded list of services to offer our clients and the public numerous alternatives to pursue when in need of services beyond which we provide.

WE URGE YOU to get competitive quotes, review each company thoroughly, and proceed at your own risk.  

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Engineering Firms

Company Name: TJC and Associates

Company Summary:

Trusted firm for many years for California designs

Phone: 916-853-9658


Services: CaliforniaLADBSSIP Panels


Company Name: Cbuck Engineering

Company Summary:

Excellent at custom one time out of the box product evaluations, roofing approvals – Florida, Texas, Miami NOA, ICC

Phone: 561-623-8083


Services: Custom EvaluationsProduct Approvals

Contact: Jimmy Buckner


Company Name: United Professional Engineering

Company Summary:

For Larger Residential & Commercial Designs Only: United Professional Engineering provides a unique “one-stop-shop” for all your structural engineering needs. This South Florida area founded firm has a diverse team from Inspectors to Structural Engineers since 1999. Our projects range from designing new homes and commercial structures, structural inspections, building upkeep, restoration and more throughout Palm Beach and Broward county.

UPE understands how valuable your time is and we are committed to providing our industry leading Structural Engineering expertise to your next project. Our team welcomes any and all challenges to ensure a smooth and cost effective project for all our clients and everyone involved. Your journey with us is important, and we take pride in making it memorable.

Phone: 561-582-1733


Services: Building Defect DeterminationBuilding inspectionsBuilding upkeep and restorationCommercial structural engineeringConcrete restorationConstruction Administrationhigh end residential (selective)

Contact: Carmelo Giglio


Company Name: Bromley Cook Engineering Professionals

Company Summary:

Concrete restoration experts, condominium representatives, building envelope designs

Phone: 9547724624


Services: structural

Contact: William D. Cook, PE, SECB / Principal


Company Name: Structural Systems, Inc.

Company Summary:

Your go-to smaller job firm in Broward County – inspections, modifications, renovations. Also does oceanfront frangible walls with deep pile foundations. commercial and Municipal projects. Special inspection services…

Phone: 954-781-5399


Contact: George A. Hegedus, PE, SI


Company Name: Buchanan P.E. Consulting, Inc. (MEP)

Company Summary:

Electrical, Mechanical, Plumbing plans for large or small projects, fountains, custom pumps and HVAC in Florida – Dade, Broward & Palm Beach Counties


Services: MEP

Contact: Raja Buchanan


Company Name: Tarnowski Engineering

Company Summary:

Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach Florida screen cage enclosures, small aluminum projects, some house design and local inspections

Phone: 954-727-2027


Contact: Constantino (Gus) Tarnowski


Company Name: CeBB Corp

Company Summary:

Specialize in roofing inspections, bonded pull testing (Florida)


    • (TAS) 105-98 Pull Tests – Standard Procedure for withdrawal resistance testing of fasteners used for attachment of various components to various substrate materials.
    • (TAS) 106-95 Static Uplift Tests standard procedure for field verification of the bonding of mortar or adhesive set tile systems and mechanically attached, rigid, discontinuous roof systems.
    • (TAS) 124-95 test procedure for field uplift resistance of existing membrane roof systems and in situ testing for reroof and new construction applications.
    • (TAS) 124-95 test procedure for field uplift resistance of newly installed balcony floor tiles construction applications (New Testing Procedure).
    • (TAS) 126-95 roof moisture surveys by impedance method.
    • Use of testing laboratories to evaluate and interpret field data.
    • TAS 117 enhanced fasteners spacing calculation/insulation attachment calculation.
    • TAS 127 moment of resistance and minimum characteristic resistance load to install a tile system on a building of a specified roof slope and height.
    • On-Site Quality Control/Assurance Inspections.
    • Roof trusses analysis.
    • Roof Permit Application Assistance.
    • Roof Drainage Calculation/ Roof Area As-Built Survey.
  • Final reports outlining findings, opinions, recommendations (long/short term), cost parameters (re-roofs or repairs) and specifications for corrective action.

Phone: 954 581-7115


Contact: Eduard Badiu, PE



Company Name: Category 5 Engineering Services

Company Summary:

Small wind pressure and window designs, minor repair, renovations, additions, screen rooms, etc. in Broward County Florida

Phone: 954 784-6991


Contact: Emma Mellinger



Company Name: FAE Consulting

Company Summary:

FAE Consulting is a South Florida based engineering firm providing integrated design and construction services for Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing (MEP) and Fire Protection (FP) systems, as well as building commissioning. Principle markets served include residential, multi-family, commercial, institutional and industrial sectors. At FAE Consulting, we use state-of-the-art AutoCAD & BIM/Revit platforms with features and benefits focusing on service and quality throughout the entire project experience. We are pleased to have a well-deserved reputation for providing our customers with efficient, economical and practical designs.

Phone: 561.391.9292


Services: BIM/Revit PlatformsCommissioning & SustainabilityConstruction Administraction (CA)Fire Protection (FP) SystemsMechanical-Electrical-Plumbing

Contact: Ursula


Company Name: Florida Engineering & Testing, Inc.

Company Summary:

Field testing of soils, concrete, borings, lab testing of concrete & other materials in Dade, Broward & Palm Beach County, Florida

Phone: 954 781-6889


Company Name: GFA International, Inc.

Company Summary:

Larger Geotechnical projects throughout Florida, soil sampling & testing, concrete testing

Phone: 561 347-0070


Company Name: Marty Gross P. E

Phone: 954-370-3810


Company Name: Thompson & Associates Inc

Company Summary:

Civil & Site work experts in South Florida. Can do lighting, drainage, & grading plans, parking lots, guard entryways, roadway designs. Visit website for more.

Phone: 954 761-1073


Contact: Jim Thompson


Company Name: Task Laboratories

Company Summary:

South Florida Field Inspections – special inspector work, field reports, confirmation of installed conditions

Phone: 305-235-5355

Services: inspection

Contact: Muhammad Irshad


Company Name: Brizaga

Company Summary:

(Florida) Brizaga, Inc. was founded by two friends of nearly two decades, an oceanographer & meteorologist and a coastal & civil engineer, dedicated to helping individuals, businesses, and governments understand and address the effects of increasing flood risk, including sea level rise. We bring a unique perspective meshing the physical science, engineering, and public policy worlds to create innovative and unique solutions to some of our greatest challenges. Our team has experience assessing vulnerability and risk, planning adaptation strategy, and public outreach associated with assessments, planning, and implementation. We distill complex scientific topics for policy-makers and the general public, and develop data-driven design criteria for architects and engineers. With over 20 combined years of political, environmental, and engineering experience, our team is ready to help you create a more resilient future.

Phone: 954 834-3533


Services: Adaptation StrategiesEducation & OutreachEngineering SolutionsPublic PolicyResilient DesignVulnerability Assessments

Contact: Michael Antinelli, PE, CFM

Company Name: Nohmis Design & Construction

Company Summary:

Inspection, Structural Design, Primary Structure Design, Building Construction in South Florida.  Specialty projects.  Construction services also available.

Phone: 954 591-8361


Contact: Joe Simhon PE


Company Name: SRI Consultants, Inc.

Company Summary:

Commercial new construction, Shoring, Welding, Condo rehabilitation, consultation – Eastern US, India

Phone: 561 372-1290


Services: condo restorationCorrosion Engineeringprimary structur designroofingshoringSteelWelding

Contact: P. E. S. I. S. S. Rajpathak


Company Name: Wayne Markham Bennett, PE

Company Summary:

Specializing in Pool, Outdoor & Landscape Structure Specialist Professional Engineering Services to Builders and Homeowners throughout Florida and the US.

Phone: 954 818-3825



Company Name: Axiom Structures

Company Summary:

Providing structural field inspections, repair details, additions, homeowner sale/purchase assistance, small designs & details, misc. pickup work for Engineering Express in Palm Beach, Broward & Dade Counties, Florida

Phone: 954.947.0880


Contact: Troy Bishop, PE


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