Building Component Engineering Plans

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Hundreds of certified, pre-engineered master plan sheets for permit, growing with every need.  Browse our Amazon-style plan store to see the many building component types we pre-engineer.

When more resolution is required, use one of our multi-industry, nationally available pre-engineering design tools. Get the perfect answer every time. Order certified results or use it within a larger project for permit.

Use our smart ordering system to streamline the request – to delivery process.  Our fast evolving system is learning fees, lead times, and speeding up workflow every day.

CASE STUDY:  Eastern Metal Supply, Inc.

Eastern Metal Supply’s pain point was the difficulty of delivering certified engineering for permit to their customers for the products and systems they sell.  They would typically defer to the client’s ‘local engineer’ or give out names of engineers that took forever to return their voice messages.

Those days are gone.

Watch the innovative, turnkey solutions Engineering Express delivered to Eastern on a national scale.

This graphic explains how Eastern’s Engineering Store Channel works.
The 3 – step solution provides the sweet spot for every engineering need,
delivered in may solutions on demand.

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