Engineering Express has created systems and tools to provide on-demand engineering, achieving what no other building component design firm has, 0-second engineering. We received a US Trademark for the term to make it official and unique on our latest marketing material.

How We Earned The Term “The Fastest Engineering On The Planet”

This is accomplished by our 3-tier solution, our online Plan Store, Interactive Calculators, and our Smart Order system.  Click Here to learn more about our unique process and watch a case study of how we helped a national distributor transform their customer’s experience with engineering plans for permit.

We also custom curate microsites for our clients with dedicated master plans, calculators, and services to help their customers with fast engineering and on-demand answers as well as API’s that interconnect our engineering with your custom web based tool.

Contact Us to discuss your needs and for a demonstration of how our Digitally Assisted Plans and Product Approvals will change the way you think of engineering services and measurably add to your bottom line.  We can prove it.