Concrete Restoration

Skyscraper Construction

BUILDING ENVELOPE SERVICES Includes but not limited to; 1. Stucco and EIFS repairs 2. Facade re-construction 3.Investigative and testing assistance 4. Mansory repairs 5. Exterior cladding system repairs 6. New Cladding systems 7. 40/50 Year re-certification repairs alongside the Engineer-of-record

Bunker Engineering & Construction Services, Inc.

Engineering Services Investigative services for: Building Rehabilitation Concrete and Stucco Repairs Roofing System Repairs & Replacement Deck Waterproofing Window / Door & Railing Replacement Moisture Intrusion Investigation Engineering Services: Structural Design Concrete & Steel Buildings and Structures Additions and Remodeling to Existing Homes and Buildings Interior Build-Outs Engineering Reports: Forensic Investigations Coating & Stucco Failures Building …

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Bromley Cook – NV5

Bromley Cook is a structural engineering consulting firm doing business in South Florida and the Islands for well over 28 years. In that time, our firm has pursued bold and innovative ideas on some of the most prestigious projects on Florida’s coast. From stunning beachfront high-rise restoration to small private residences and innovative, unique facades, …

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SRI Consultants, Inc.

Milestone Inspections Drone Surveys Catalogger Image Management Condo Restoration, Corrosion Engineering, primary structural design, roofing, shoring, Steel, Welding

Tarnowski Engineering

Our services include: Aluminum structural design including but not limited to screen enclosures, carports, canopies, awnings, and skylights Residential and commercial building design (Architectural Engineering) Structural calculations Building inspections and construction services Land planning and site plan design Concrete restoration and repair Timber design Pools, spas, waterfalls, grottos, and related pool structures Dade, Broward, and …

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Smyth Engineering

Providing general structural engineering & inspection services in the south-central Florida area. Services Offered: Milestone Inspection Phase One and Two Structural Integrity Reserve Studies 40-Year BORA Building Recertifications Forensics and Structural Integrity Evaluation Concrete Restoration Seawall Restoration Impact Window and Door Replacement Aluminum and Precast Railing Replacement

United Professional Engineering

For Larger Residential & Commercial Designs Only: United Professional Engineering provides a unique “one-stop-shop” for all your structural engineering needs. This South Florida area-founded firm has a diverse team, from Inspectors to Structural Engineers since 1999. Our projects range from designing new homes and commercial structures, structural inspections, building upkeep, restoration and more throughout Palm …

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