Blackwater Technical Services, Inc.

Blackwater routinely performs the following building envelope testing: Impact Testing – small and large missile impacts are performed in various locations on the specimens, using pneumatic cannons, simulating hurricane or tornado windborne debris. Also, we provide ANSI Z97.1 safety glazing testing for assessment of safety when the glazing materials are broken by human contact. Cyclic Wind …

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Eastern Engineering Group

OUR DIVISIONS Structural Engineering Windows and Doors Structural Components Structural Inspections Civil Engineering

MEA Engineers

Performing structural designs and product evaluations for over 20 years in the Sarasota area Other services include: Marine Engineering Naval Architecture Dock Construction Dock Design Seawall Construction Seawall Design Maritime Accident Investigations Marine Surveys Insurance Surveys & Inspections Coastal Construction Control Line (CCCL) Permitting Product Development Threshold Inspections Wall Designs Foundation Designs Land Development Permitting …

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Milton Cubas, PE, Inc.

Structural Design We elaborate Design, Calculations and Shop Drawings production for steel, aluminum, wood or concrete structures. Whether an awning or a complete building, we can do all the necessary designs you need. Concept Design We have on-site advisors to help you refine your project, produce final drawings and plans, or simply help you to …

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Specialty Engineering Consultants, Inc.

DESIGN  When you choose SPEC, you’re choosing structural engineering designers who focus on high-quality, local construction practices and techniques.  We strive to provide plans that are produced quickly and accurately.  INSPECTIONS SPEC has a well-trained and certified staff of  inspectors to assist you in all phases of your project. From foundation reinforcing to roofing and …

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Bunker Engineering & Construction Services, Inc.

Engineering Services Investigative services for: Building Rehabilitation Concrete and Stucco Repairs Roofing System Repairs & Replacement Deck Waterproofing Window / Door & Railing Replacement Moisture Intrusion Investigation Engineering Services: Structural Design Concrete & Steel Buildings and Structures Additions and Remodeling to Existing Homes and Buildings Interior Build-Outs Engineering Reports: Forensic Investigations Coating & Stucco Failures Building …

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Specialize in roofing inspections, bonded pull testing (Florida) (TAS) 105-98 Pull Tests – Standard Procedure for withdrawal resistance testing of fasteners used for attachment of various components to various substrate materials. (TAS) 106-95 Static Uplift Tests standard procedure for field verification of the bonding of mortar or adhesive set tile systems and mechanically attached, rigid, …

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Nohmis Design & Construction

Inspection, Structural Design, Primary Structure Design, and Building Construction in South Florida.  Specialty projects.  Construction services are also available.

TJC and Associates (California)

TJC and Associates, Inc. is a multi-discipline engineering firm that specializes in electrical and structural design engineering services. Our core engineering service offering includes structural; instrumentation, control & electrical; and control systems programming. We primarily serve other engineering firms, public agencies, and businesses located in Northern California on projects consisting of water and wastewater treatment …

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(Florida) Brizaga, Inc. was founded by two friends of nearly two decades, an oceanographer & meteorologist and a coastal & civil engineer, dedicated to helping individuals, businesses, and governments understand and address the effects of increasing flood risk, including sea-level rise. We bring a unique perspective meshing the physical science, engineering, and public policy worlds …

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Task Laboratories

South Florida Field Inspections – special inspector work, field reports, confirmation of installed conditions

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