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Engineering Express provides structural building component designs in many states across the US.

Browse over 200 plans in our Pre-Engineered Master Plan Store - You may find what you need or a good starting point

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Engineering Express focuses on structural building component designs for manufacturers and contractors across the US.

We no longer do structural inspections.  If you have a building component design need, have a contractor work with us that is familiar with the design process.  

For a list of the structural component design services we do provide, click here

Thank you for your understanding.


Engineering Express provides innovative building component designs for contractors and manufacturers across the US.  

Due to high demand from our national accounts, we are unable to process homeowner requests. If you have a building component design need, please shave your contractor contact us to discuss the design process.  

For a list of the structural component design services we do provide, click here

For a complimentary business directory of other firms that may be able to help you, click here.

Thank you for your understanding.


We are structural building component engineers and no longer design primary structures,
additions, modifications, or perform field inspections.

We'd be glad to quote you on engineering design involving a building component of your project in any of the states we are licensed in (for a list of states which we have engineers that can assist, click here).

Thank you for considering us for your building component designs.

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Engineering Express focuses on building component designs for manufacturers and contractors that use them.

We are glad to assist you if your request is within the below project categories.  Due to our focus to expediently provide the highest professional services at competitive fees, we may not be able to assist you if your work falls outside our expertise.

Thank you for your understanding.

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Similar Repeat Project

NOTICE:  This feature is exclusively to request nearly duplicate projects that we have done before for you.

An existing Engineering Express project # is required.
Project Based Off of One Of Our Pre-Engineered Master Plan Sheets

NOTICE:  This feature is exclusively to request variations to one of over 200 plans and evaluation reports
in our Online Plan Store.

An existing Engineering Express project # is required.
Existing Engineering Express Project #

Our project number is typically in the bottom right of our plans

You can describe what needs to be revised on the following page. 

You will also be able to upload files to help explain. 

It would be beneficial for you to mark up & attach the existing project you are referencing so we can better understand what you need changed.
Project Revision Reason

Please first summarize the reason(s) why this project is being revised before you explain on the following page.

Featured Project Categories

Note: If you need engineering from multiple categories, you will need to submit 2 separate quote requests so each department can best assist you.
Windows / Doors / Shutters

We will need detailed structural information on the area in question and will review your request based on the information you provide on the next page. A field inspection will likely be required.

Provide as much detailed information as possible on the next page and upload files, photos, plans, and requested sketches on the next page.  We'll reply with a quote or with more questions.
We have pre-engineered master plan sheets for both blocking in and reducing an opening size

Click here to view and purchase the masonry wall block in plans

Click here to access the opening size reduction master plans
We have a master plan sheet that can provide certification of a wood buck installation. 

Click here to view & purchase a 1 X wood buck plan

Click here to view & purchase a 2 X wood buck plan

If you have a more specific wood buck need or need a site specific plan/calculations, please describe on the next page.
Our resources for inspections is limited and provided to our regular VIP clients first.  Please describe your need on the next page and we will review your request and get back to you with whether we can assist.
Coming soon - our custom mullion design calculator...

In the meanwhile, please select all that apply then describe & upload files on the next page:
Wind Pressure Design Options

NOTE: Permit needs vary from building official to building official, job type to job type, and day to day. Our best advice is to call the building department before you submit so you know what they need.  It's always a good investment to get the entire package designed for the best result and lowest liability, but many select other options based on their need.
DP Package Descriptions

2018 Fenestration Engineering Price Guideline

Estimated only - based on typical work performed. EX will inform you in writing if requested work exceeds these amounts and what your total fee will be prior to executing your project.
Design Pressure Pricing Schedule Graphic
Design Pressures Only


In both options below, you are required to pay online with a credit card to obtain a certified wind pressure chart unless other payment terms have been agreed upon.

Please select one of the following two options:

1) Download a certified wind pressure master plan sheet chart from our store by clicking here.


2) Submit your job online using our fully automated Wind Pressure Calculator by clicking here.
If you don't have an account, you can create a free one (it's easy!) For help understanding the type of input required, please watch our brief tutorial video.



Information Required 


Full payment is due prior to beginning the work unless other payment terms have been agreed upon. We will contact you as soon as we receive your request.

Please Click Here to download this form and complete as much as possible.
Upload it on the next page when asked.
Please Click Here to download this form and complete as much as possible. 
Upload it on the next page when asked.

Upload a detailed sketch on the following page.
Click here to view a sample sketch of what we need to help you

8) If you require elevations, please provide us with as much detailed information as possible on the next page about the elevation configurations. You can also upload sketches on the next page such as the one below.

Elevation Sample Sketch
Fences / Gates / Railings 


We have many fence and gate plans pre-engineered in our online plan store for quick and inexpensive assistance. 
Click here to browse our store items or to use them as a starting point for your custom need.

Note: Fences over 6' in height typically require substantially more engineering

Note: Fences over 6' in height typically require substantially more engineering

Fence Types

We have many gate plans pre-engineered in our online plan store for quick and inexpensive assistance. Click here to browse them or use them as a starting point for your site specific design.

We also have a Flipbook of swing, overhead, and access control gates available to use as a starting point to show us what you need.  Click Here to view and download it for your reference.

Note: If you don't include this information here, please be sure it's clear on the information you upload on the following pages. Delays and increased fees apply if we don't have this information up front!

Gate Details

We have pre-engineered railing plans in our Online Store for quick and inexpensive assistance.  Click here to browse the items available or to serve as a starting point for your design need. 

If you are looking to purchase a Glass or aluminum railing by Eastern Metals, find a selection of pre-engineered plans in their store plan channel by clicking here.

Signs (Wall, Post or Ground Mounted, Light poles, Monuments, Flagpoles & Billboards)  

Good News!

We may have an 'express' solution for you.  Check out our sign calculator and pre-engineered plans which you can order certified for permitting:

Please note: We can only review and certify your project if the required information is on the drawing.
Click here to see our freestanding drawing checklist for assistance. 
Click here to see our wall mounted drawing checklist for assistance.

Proceed to the next page, where you can provide your project information and upload your plans on the following page.


Sign Dimensions
Post Ground/Billboard



Light poles


Monument Signs

Additional Footing & Post Information
(wood, steel, aluminum, etc.)


Certified Letter

Proceed to the next page, where you can provide your project information and upload any files to assist with the letter.

Wall Mounted Signs

Example: 1/4" x 2" Tapcons / 3/8" x3" Wood Lag Screw / 1/4" x 1" Sheet Metal Screws (Grade 5)
Wall mounted

Aluminum Structures

Be sure to clearly indicate these also on uploaded drawings
Enter approximate highest point if sloped roof
Aluminum Structures Sub Menu

Canopies / Carports / Walkway Covers / Trellis / Pergolas / Louvers

Assume 0ft for ground level, 10ft if mounted onto second floor, etc

Please note that we have master plan sheets in our store for American Louvered Roof that may work for you. 
Click here for details.

Please note that we have master plan sheets in our store for KE Durasol that may work for you.  
Click here for details.

Footing Types Illustration

These questions are optional but make sure we know what you are building! 
Upload the information if we need it and you don't want to fill this out or if it's not typical to the manufaturer you provided above.

Pergola-Trellis Quick Job Request Form
View & Download our Pergola Job Request Sketch-Checklist to make sure we have everything we need.
Upload back to us when complete.  Click Here
Screen Rooms

This firm no longer engineers screened pool cage enclosures consisting of screen walls & screen roof
We do design screen walls with a solid roof.

Screen Room Footing Types Illustration

Optional But Sure We Know

Please specify preferred fasteners for each of the connection points below.

Please upload a detailed sketch on the following page showing all of the information requested in our checklist. Click here to view our checklist and sample sketch.

Sun Rooms / Enclosed Patios
NOTE: Use this section to submit a project using glass/solid walls.  For open or screen walls, select another option above. This section assumes you need or have a full concrete slab for construction only.

Please note that we have pre-engineered master plan sheets in our plan store for many of these manufacturers that may work for you.  
Click here to browse our ever-growing library.

Solid Wall Foundation Illustration

Note: Sunrooms cannot be impact rated, even with impact glazing systems. If impact is required, the host structure entry to the sunroom shall be fitted with impact glazing or an approved impact system. We will not list or rate any product as impact approved on a sunroom and ask only to be sure to understand your intention.
Be Sure We Know...
Note: Check with your permitting municipality to determine if this is needed. If we need to create this, be sure to include all the window/door products you want to use on the project. Nominal additional fees apply for us to create this now but will increase if we have to go back and help with this after we complete the project.

Optionally specify any custom/preferred fasteners / substrate for each of the connection points below.

Please upload a detailed sketch on the following page showing all of the information requested in our checklist. Click here to view our checklist and sample sketch.


Playgrounds / Outdoor Fitness / Similar Exterior Component Footings / Tie-Downs

Pool Designs

Please be advised that we specialize in repetitive designs for larger pool companies. We will review your request and determine if we can help. Otherwise, we will find someone who can.

Deck / Patio Foundations

Elevated Deck Information

If complicated, you can upload a sketch on the next page

Note: If this is not known, we will use the code-minimum values for dead/snow/live /wind load. If larger loads are later found to be required and the design changes, additional design fees may apply.
Generic Deck Information

Enter the value you would like to extend the stringers over the beams (max is 1/4 of the span or 24")

Fortress Framing Information

Fortress Framing is a new breed of deck framing using steel components so pieces are simple to square and won't twist, warp, rot, crack, or burn like wood.  Learn more at

Please upload a detailed sketch indicating all dimensions, carry beams, elevations and stair/rail information as applicable on the next page.

Roofs, Skylights & Solar Panels

Roofs / Skylights

** If not known, please upload a sketch on the next page that includes all of the product specifications.
Solar Panels

Solar Panels Mounted On A Roof (Water or Photovoltaic) 

** If not known, please upload a sketch on the next page that includes all of the specifications.
Solar Panels Not Mounted On A Pole (not on a roof)

Pole Mounted

** If not known, please upload a sketch on the next page that includes all of the specifications.
Product Approvals / Evaluations

Air Conditioners / Generators

Integrity Evaluation (Technical Evaluation Report)

Technical Evaluation Reports (TER's) are engineered product evaluations that are not required to obtain statewide product approval. They are accepted in most municipalities.  Click here for examples of TER's in our online store.

** You will need to provide Engineering Express with drawings, which include the specifications for all of the structural elements. If needed, we will sign an NDA. 
Site Specific Attachment to Roof/Wall Structure or Integrity/Tiedown

We have many A/Cs, generators, stands, clips, and similar products pre-engineered in our online plan store for quick and inexpensive assistance.  Click here to browse the items available or to serve as a starting point for your design need.

Pad / Slab

Dimensions Per Pad/Slab & Corresponding AC / Generator Unit

PAD/SLAB: Either enter information below or be sure to include it with uploaded information
Pad Unit

AC / GENERATOR UNIT: Either enter information below or be sure to include it with uploaded information

AC/Generator Unit


Dimensions Per Curb & Corresponding AC / Generator Unit

CURB: Either enter information below or be sure to include it with uploaded information

AC / Generator UNIT: Either enter information below or be sure to include it with uploaded information
AC/Generator Unit


Dimensions Per Stand & Corresponding AC / Generator Units

STAND:  Either enter information below or be sure to include it with uploaded information

AC / Generator Units: Either enter information below or be sure to include it with uploaded information
AC/Generator Unit

** If not known, please upload one or more sketches on the next page that include all of the dimensions for the units & pads/slabs, stands or curbs. 
Glazing Design, Inspection, & Consultation

EX: FL1234.5, 18-1014.01, TDI, or similar mfr info

Floor Plan Example
Elevation Example
Storefront Example
Other Specialty Structural Designs

Engineering Express has multiple major divisions of engineering services with many sub-divisions under them.

PLEASE SELECT the appropriate division to process your request so your information is collected and your quote is executed quickly and accurately. 

BE ADVISED that if your request is not entered into the correct division, delays and extra costs may be incurred as we will spend more time understanding your needs. We advise you to be SURE no other option is right for you before proceeding.

If you are certain that your request does not fall under one of our main divisions, we also offer design services on a selective basis in the following departments as our schedule permits. If you need assistance in one of the below, select it for more information.
Marine Engineering
Our history with marine engineering is long and winding.  Chances are we will help with a dock or boat lift we have on file, but more likely will not help any longer with seawalls or new designs due to the increased work involved in this department.  If you insist on requesting us look at something, please let us know what you have in mind on the next page & attach any needed files on the next page.   Thanks for your understanding.
Other Specialty Design Project
For us to quote work in this department, you will need to clearly describe the scope of work on the next page and include all files we need to evaluate your request.  Be sure as a minimum to include:

1) ALL dimensions clearly labeled
2) Materials used along with strength, alloy, and temper
3) Host structure information
4) Product performance information (product approvals, testing, plans, etc.)
5) Photos or sketches

Describe clearly on the next page what it is you need and upload any files that will help us evaluate your request on the next page.

Once again, if this request is for something we engineer through one of our main departments, DELAYS WILL OCCUR if you use this option because there is information we need to collect to properly process your needs.  GO BACK and select another option and de-select this one.  Thanks!
Design or Modification of The Primary Structure
Please note that our ability to work on designs of primary structures is extremely limited due to our success with building component designs.  If you are looking for us to engineer a residential or commercial structure and are not already a client we've worked with, chances are we will decline the offer.

If you are a longtime client of the firm and know we will help you, remember to:
-Send us CAD files
-Let us know if you are looking for a markup or full structural plans
-If any field or other work is required
-If you have a geotechnical report to send
-Any other information you know we need to get you a quote and time to complete

Remember though that we may not be able to help you due to the shifting nature of the firm.  Thanks for your understanding, and please call us for the pieces and parts of the building! 

Eastern Metals
Note: Find many pre-engineered Eastern Metal plans on our Eastern Metals Store Channel by Clicking Here

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On the next page you will input the project location and your contact information.

Provide as much information as possible regarding your project in order to expedite the process.
Please make sure that you provide us with enough information to quote and engineer your project.
Uploading photos, sketches and architectural PDFs help us provide a more accurate quotation and will increase our response time.  Each file you upload has a 20mb limit.

What We Are Delivering To You
Same As Before: Use This if you are requesting a repeat or similar job, or if you just want us to provide whatever we do for you all the time and you're not sure of the below.

Signed and Sealed Engineered Drawing:
Structural engineered plan (blueprint) of the requested items in the state(s) you select for generic or site specific use as you specify.

Formal Calculation Booklet: This includes us preparing in formal, book format our rational analysis of work typically including given, required solution, and results.  Select this typically for Dade County, schools, and other agencies that require sealed calculations along with sealed plans

Signed & Sealed Letter/Report: Select this if you are in need of an engineer opinion or certification in letter or report format.

Product Submittal To Governing Agency: This is typically if you are expecting us to do a Florida Product Approval, Miami Dade NOA, Texas TDI submittal, ICC Evaluation, or one time product approval for a requesting agency.

CAD Drawing Only:  We provide AutoCAD drafting services to certain clients.  Select this ONLY if you want us to draw something for you without any engineering (not a very popular request, there are less expensive alternatives out there)

Verbal Consultation Only: This is no deliverable, just an hourly consultation and conversation of initial findings

Informal Email:  This comes without any engineering opinion or fact but is just if you want to retain us for general information or an informal conversation by email (works with selecting other options as this becomes the starting point)

Other:  Select these if you have special delivery requests of our work OTHER than our standard 11 X 17 format (digital, large format, letter format).

Project Budget

We strive to exceed your expectations with our competitive pricing and prompt, professional service. 

Please let us know your budget or engineering fee you typically pay for this type of job.
We'll do our best to develop a solution to fit your needs. 

Consulting Hourly Rates & Reimbursables

Hourly/Time & Material jobs will be charged at the following hourly rates **:
  • Principal (non-Forensic) ................................................... $350.00/hour
  • Principal (Forensic) ..........................................................  $475.00/hour
  • Director / P.E. .................................................................. $250.00/hour
  • Designer .......................................................................... $180.00/hour
  • Drafter ............................................................................. $125.00/hour (no engineering input)
  • Admin / Clerical ............................................................... $50.00 Flat rate U.N.O.
** These hourly rates exclude travel outside of the Tri-County area. In this case, a special quote will be provided.

Reimbursable expenses include:
  • Courier services, shipping, and express mail will be billed at Cost + 30%

  • Blueprinting & copies:  

       - 24 X 36 ........................................................................ $2.00/sheet
       - 8.5 X 11 (B&W) ..............................................................$0.15/sheet
       - 8.5 X 11 (Color) ............................................................ $0.25/sheet
       - 11 X 17 (B&W) ............................................................... $0.25/sheet
       - 11 X 17 (Color) ..............................................................$0.50/sheet

Equinox Fee Arrangement
Equinox Billing Notes:

We will be contacting our Equinox Representative for approval for the item(s) you requested prior to beginning work.

BE SURE to indicate on the next page ALL ITEMS you need, we don't guess!  

Items like calculations, large format plans, and rush delivery are all add-on fees that need approval.

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Project Information
NOTICE: What you put here is exactly what we use as the project name for your work.
PLEASE USE only letters and numbers, no special characters
Master Plan Sheets / Product Evaluations are for repeat general use for building components typically for manufacturers that need their products certified the same way over and over again, and in multiple states.

If your project is for a specific location, please select 'site specific engineering' above or your request will be sent to a different department for quoting and will result in higher quote fees and longer wait times.  

Note: product evaluations and non-site specific projects may be designed to multiple codes

If the project city, reviewing authority, or architect has any local or special
structural code amendments to consider in the design, please let us know:
Some examples include the EPCOT code for Disney, ACHA for hospitals, city or county local amendments, etc.

Engineering Express has licensed engineers in the states listed in the above drop down menu. For other states, we can work with your local engineer to assist them or perhaps use our national certification to quickly become licensed in that state. Please include the state(s) below to discuss your needs and how we can help. 

Client Contact Information
Notice To Existing Clients:
Yes, we still need to know who you are so this request can automatically be placed in queue. 

Good news for future requests!:  If you log in to Engineering Express website with your registered email address, on your dashboard you will find a link that will pre-fill many parts of the form including the below making new requests even easier.
If you don't have a company name, please also enter your full name here to create the record
Please enter only one valid email address
New Clients Please Complete
How Do You Want To Receive Our Work?

If you are submitting our work electronically to an ePermit system, you will likely need an official digitally certified work.

This is not a scan of our sealed plans, it is registered certified work for digital submission and is not valid for use if printed.  Only some municipalities offer this method of permitting but the trend is growing.

We typically provide either hardcopy or digitally certified plans or the other as part of our standard service or extra fees may apply for some projects.  If you are sure you need our work digitally certified, check below:
(Such as UPS, FedEx, Etc.)
Referral Source

Our Project Coordination team continually monitor and process requests. Due to high demand we ask that you remain patient and allow our staff at least 72 hours to respond. You will be hearing from someone shortly as they generally process requests in the order received.