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What is ExpressPass?

ExpressPass is designed to help businesses get the certified designs you need to permit your project FAST.

It is our proprietary system that expedites your custom projects within our core departments & provides customized services for your recurring projects with transparent pricing and priority due dates.

ExpressPass is the fastest quote-to-delivery system that has ever been invented for building component design.

Click Here to watch the walkthrough video.

How do I apply for membership or log in to ExpressPass?

To apply for your FREE ExpressPass, you can do so in 3 easy steps:

ExpressPass Step 1: Once you complete your FREE application to ExpressPass and our team has approved your application, you’ll receive an email with your ExpressPass code. 

Pro tip: Keep this code handy, as you’ll need it every time you want to enter your ExpressPass account.

ExpressPass Step 2: Insert your ExpressPass code in the section above.

ExpressPass Step 3: Now that you’re in your account, you can start or revise a project or view your orders and quotes.

Existing Clients:

If you are an existing client, click here to insert your code and login.

If you are having trouble logging in, click here & we will email your code. 

Are fees that are generated from the order system guaranteed pricing?

While they are accurate in most cases, especially for repeat work by the same manufacturer or contractor, the fee is still largely dependent on it matching the request you submitted.

We do reserve the right to alter the order request for your approval should we feel the request doesn’t match the service and adjustments you selected.

Within ExpressPass, each service has multiple add-on adjustments to select. This allows you to add things to your quote request that you may need but is not listed in the general scope. For instance, a formal calculation booklet, expedited fees, drafting services, forensic work, etc.

Is the estimated completion date guaranteed?

It’s called ‘estimated’ for a reason. Many factors can adjust a completion date including such items as holidays not accounted for in the calculation, missing information we assumed was sent or due to us, emergencies that occur such as natural disasters where we assist in (nationally or locally), and sometimes it takes a bit longer for an engineer to review and approve the design.

The estimated completion date may also vary, depending on the terms we have set for your company. For instance, if a retainer is required, the completion date may alter if we do not receive the retainer payment upon signing. These terms are outlined in the quote.

We will do everything possible to complete on or before the estimated date but if we know we’re going to miss the date we’ll do everything possible to keep you informed- communication with our clients is something we pride ourselves on as a company.

How long does it take to receive my quote?

As soon as we receive your quote request, it is assigned to the Project Coordination Team to organize and have review.

Quotes are usually sent back for your review within 1-2 business days. However, there are some cases where we need to review multiple documents that were submitted in the request and depending on how long the review takes to come up with the best solution and pricing for you, the longest it may take longer.

What's the difference between my ExpressPass code & my Engineering Express website login?

ExpressPass is built on our proprietary project management platform and accepts a single ExpressPass code.

Our website uses highly customized WordPress platform that follows an email-password format.

We can also store and you can access your ExpressPass access on your Engineering Express dashboard for seamless integration once logged into the Engineering Express website. If you want this connected and don’t see it there, click here to contact us to request it.

What are the core departments? And how do I request a quote if it does not fit into one of those categories?

Our core departments include:

Canopies, Pergolas & Sunrooms
Railings, Fences & Gates
Decks, Pools & Spas
Mechanical Equipment
Windows, Doors, Impact & Flood
Product Evaluations
Commercial Glazing
Signs, Poles & Solar Equipment Mounting

If your project does not fit into any of these, you can click here to send us a general email request. 

Please keep in mind that general email requests will be responded to AFTER requests submitted through ExpressPass in our core departments. 

Please use the ExpressPass system to expedite your needs.


ExpressPass provides an unparalleled quoting, project management, communication & file management system for custom projects.

Apply for your FREE ExpressPass membership today & discuss your needs with one of our design experts.

ExpressPass is NOT available for homeowners, only for qualifying businesses. Homeowners can access hundreds of pre-engineered plans by clicking here.

Existing Clients – Access Your Account Here:

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