Combinations of Steel & Clear Storm Panel Cert (20-20843) Eastern Metal Supply

Combinations of Steel & Clear Storm Panel Cert (20-20843) Eastern Metal Supply

$50.00$80.00 or ( 5 Tokens - 8 Tokens )

This letter certifies a variety of installation conditions utilizing combinations of steel and clear storm panels for Eastern Metal Supply. It certifies that the Clear Panel can be utilized to combine with and replace solid panels in an installation specified in one of the aforementioned product evaluations. This document has been designed to meet the requirements of the selected Building Code inside and outside the HVHZ1  and upon ordering will be signed and sealed by a Professional Engineer of the firm. Use it along with your other project documents to obtain a building permit.

This certification is generic and installations beyond this scope or site specific applications shall require custom engineering that can be performed by Engineering Express.  Click here  to request a quote.




HVHZ= High Velocity Hurricane Zone in S. Florida

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Weight.48 lbs
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