Masonry Wall: Complete Block-In Master Plan Sheet (MPS 20-35529)

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Masonry Wall: Complete Block-In Master Plan Sheet (MPS 20-35529)

$150.00$300.00 or ( 15 Tokens - 30 Tokens )

This plan provides structural details for closing in an opening with masonry up to the dimensions and limitations of the plan. An option is provided for a complete block-in or to leave an open space above the block-in.  Use it in conjunction with your fenestration and other building plans to obtain a permit for modification of the structure.   Please note that egress and other non-structural requirements are outside the scope of this plan and not included in our certification. Previous MPS #18-6589

For site specifics outside of the generic scope or certification of use at a specific location, please click here for your request.

Requirements for use:

  1. Determination of site-specific design pressures & determination that this master plan falls within those limitations (by others)
  2. Conformance with Chapter 16 of the FBC/IBC (by others)
  3. Approval that this opening can be blocked up and not restrict fire/egress requirements (by others)


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