Many ask if there’s a difference between a 1 hour fire rating on a wall product vs a 1 hour fire rating on a roof product. If you think about it, fire (AKA heat) does behave differently as it rises vs. spreads.  In fact, there is a difference:
In the Florida Building Code (2014), Section 1505.1, roof assemblies rated for a fire classification need to be tested to ASTM E 108 or UL790.


A similar section exists for IBC 2015. A recent building official stated:
The roof panel construction must have a 1 hour fire rating and shall be non-combustible.  Although the panel does not qualify as non-combustible, it appears that it meets FBC CH 6, 603.1, Exception 1, with a flame spread index of not more than 100. However, you must still provide documentation that the panel has also been tested in a ceiling application with a 1 hour fire rating, since FBC CH 6, T601 requires 1 hour fire rated roof construction for type 1B construction.
The MSDS sheets for the stone veneer do include the required fire rating information for walls. You must either provide specific test information, UL information or calculated fire resistance per FBC CH 7, 722. Note that the required 1 hour fire rating at the column must be continuous and no portion of the column may be exposed.



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